Prophetic Dream: Relearning the Art of War

The word was delivering a breaker anointing to restore them to hope, and faith yet again! 

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Many times in dreams, God will take me into an ‘intercessory’ place of feeling, knowing, and understanding what others are experiencing in realms of resistance, and what is needed to bring breakthrough and victory. The other night I woke from a powerful dream in which I ‘knew that many people were under a heavy cloud of oppression and spiritual resistance.  In the dream, I was aware that this was not just happening in the world, but specifically among many in the body of Christ.

Since I was functioning as a prophetic intercessor in the dream, I felt the weight of this resistance that many are experiencing. The best way to describe it is an overwhelming sense of disillusionment, confusion, hopelessness, shame, and quiet desperation. Even more specifically it was the nagging feeling that God’s promises might never come to pass.  

Suddenly in the dream, Lou Engle came up to me and said, “Andrew you need to deliver a word to the body of Christ!” So Lou came, picked me up, and brought me to a massive gathering of believers who I knew were the ones experiencing the resistance I had just felt. Before I took the stage I began to pray in the dream and ask God what word was needed for their breakthrough. I heard the Lord say “write down what I tell you.”  

I began to write what I heard Him say. He said, “The name of this prophecy you are to give them is called “PROPHETIC WAR”. It’s hard to describe fully how I felt, but at the name of that title, suddenly I felt the despair, and confusion lift off me, and I knew that this is what would happen to the people who received God’s directives from this word.   

Next, I wrote down a long list of things I was hearing him say. Some of the things I remember writing were this:   

“My people need to re-learn the art of war. They have not yet learned prophetic warfare like many of the ancients. My people need to know that when I give them a prophetic promise, there will be resistance. All hell will be set against it – and my people must change their mentality from passive acceptance to militant faith.”   

After I wrote this down, I realized that resistance was suddenly set against me.  An unseen enemy came after me to steal my notebook with this word. I looked to heaven and said, “God in your mercy deliver me from this foe! I pray your sword would now slay this Leviathan.” I knew in that prayer that it was a leviathan spirit operating to take the faith and fight out of God’s people, and to keep them under the twisting lies that God’s promises will not be fulfilled.  

In the dream, I broke through the resistance and took the stage where crowds had gathered to worship and hear a message. I opened my mouth and saw the heavens opened and there was a sword that descended and struck the belly of leviathan. I knew at that moment, the ears of the people could receive this word.  As I opened my mouth to speak, the spirit of prophecy came upon me and I declared “GOD SAYS SOMEBODY NEEDS TOO HEAR THIS!” I proceeded to prophesy, “You must now fight! You must now learn to war for the promises. Stand up and believe.” 

In the dream, those who had gathered to hear this word were being set free from their shame, apathy, hopelessness, and disillusionment. I watched as a visible resilience came back into the people of God. The word was delivering a breaker anointing to restore them to hope, and faith yet again! 

To summarize this dream encounter, I believe God is coming to refresh our hope in his promises. He has seen the resistance set against his people, and He is coming with the key of prophetic war— a call to stand and fight for the fulfillment of His words, regardless of opposition!  Our faithful warfare in this time will release the sword of the spirit to strike down leviathan’s lies, confusion, and twisting contradictions to God’s good report.  It is time to fight again. Throw off the unbelief, the disappointment, the hopelessness, and believe the report of the Lord!  He says YES AND AMEN to your prophetic promises, and He is a promise keeper! 

This day we must fight!



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