Prophetic Dream from 2017: The 2020 Election Will Be Settled in the Courts

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While those opposed to God’s plans try to build a case for victory in this election, the saints of God must use heaven’s authority to settle this case in the courts of heaven so they can be rendered in the courts of man.

On November 12 of 2017, the Lord gave me a prophetic dream of what, I believe, is currently taking place. The Lord reminded me about it the day after this election. The dream encounter started with me hearing clearly in my spirit, “WHAT WAS BEGUN IN THE SPIRIT MUST FINISH IN THE SPIRIT.” This was a clear admonition to stay in the realm of the spirit and not allow the natural order or the flesh to try and complete heaven’s assignment in this hour.

In this dream, I was in a large ocean of water that was churning with violent wind and waves. In the distance, I saw a man in a dark suit who was STANDING ON A PLATFORM SHAPED LIKE A CRADLE. I knew he needed protection from the fierce storm surrounding him. As the dark waves crashed around us, I saw a huge hammer-like gavel emerge from a towering wave of water that came from behind this man to crush him. We were barely able to avoid its wrath by maneuvering out of its way.

But the thrashing of waves continued and a second, even larger wave came again to crush this man on his platform. But this time, another gavel came from the depths of the waves and came straight towards me, handle first. Where it was unclear exactly what kind of instrument this was the first time, this time it was clearly a judge’s gavel and it was larger than the waves themselves. It carried immense authority, and it was as if an invitation was being given to use it. Even as I tried to consider how to take hold of this gavel, I was fighting the raging ocean and could feel something pulling at my feet, trying to take me under as I simply tried to keep my head above the turbulent waters.

In the last part of this dream encounter, I saw a circle being drawn on a piece of paper. Someone was explaining what was happening in the Spirit as a generational work was being accomplished. It was a continuous circle being drawn from the outer edges to the inner edges getting tighter and tighter. It was a picture of a mysterious work being done – a great plan over many years with a generational purpose and design. What was considered a coincidence was really a divine plan of BRINGING THINGS FULL CIRCLE. All along, everything has been connected bringing us closer and closer to the Spirit’s original goal in bringing heaven’s rule to the earth.

My interpretation of this dream encounter is this: Donald J. Trump is the man on that platform who is standing for LIFE. The opposition against him tried to take him out in his first election and couldn’t succeed. In this second election, heaven is now COMMISSIONING THE BODY OF CHRIST to take her place in order to RENDER A JUST VERDICT against enemy forces. He has prepared us for this time and given us the grace to stand secure. Though the storms abound and the enemy tries to take us all under, we have the necessary authority to establish righteous rule in the heavenly realms – IF we use it.

The outcome of this election will be decided IN THE COURTS – first in the heavens, and then in the natural. Several prophetic voices, including President Trump himself, have said the election will ultimately be decided in the courts. If we are to see heaven’s justice prevail, we must take our positions as the governing body of Christ to agree with heaven’s decisions. This is not necessarily a new word, but one that needs repeating to understand how critical our role is in this decision.

Everything that has been taking place is being directed and steered by the Father’s hand. Everything the enemy has plotted is being used by heaven to bring us back to His original intent and purpose. It is not our prayers of PETITION that are needed as much as our DECLARATIONS OF HIS WORD to render justice. He has already declared what must happen to those who oppose Him. It is up to us to give voice to those decisions and partner with heaven’s court so that the courts of man will come in line.

THIS IS A TIME OF JUDICIAL ALIGNMENT, both in the spirit and in the natural. The laws of God must be embraced and honored if we are to see His mercy and grace fully extended. But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. (Amos 5:24)

We are experiencing gale-force opposition from our spiritual adversary and the ongoing chaos and confusion seeks to take us under. We must keep our eyes fixed on the Lord and use the authority He has given us to agree with heaven and see justice served. Finally, we must finish this race in the Spirit. Donald Trump’s rise to the presidency was miraculous and something that no man could orchestrate. He will finish his assignment the same way he started – by the Spirit. We must do the same.



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