Prophesying the Breaking of Chatter, Clearing of the Airwaves, and the Wave of Victory.

I saw the eyes of the Lord staring at the media of the world and His eyes burned with a holy justice and I knew it was a reckoning day.

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In the last week, I have felt the lord’s call to his prophetic army to arise and assemble, shake off the dust of the onslaught, and press into what God is doing because many have been lost in the swirl, caught up in the fight, and have lost their focus and purpose. I have been sensing the mental warfare that has slowly begun to take the sword out of the mouths out of the prophets and send them into defeat and deep discouragement. I have sensed that so many of those on the frontlines have been coming up against unfathomable opposition, words, and accusations, and slander that has reaped chaos in homes, marriages, and relationships. In the midst of all of those god gave me two dreams I want to share. If you are needing prayer to break this demonic agenda and take back the airwaves, your ground, get peace and clarity again, and step back into the current of the outpouring of the spirit then this word is for you.

The dream of the 2nd heaven battle 

Last week I had a dream where I was witnessing a 2nd heaven battle that was horrific. It was a battle not of two sides but a battle involving many different armies all colliding in a bloodied battle of ideals, opinions, and beliefs. What shocked me was that I could distinguish that some of these armies were believers that had become caught up in the wrong fight and were battling in the same way that the world was. As I was watching this scene I could sense that this was the fruit of the mainstream media and the demonic principality behind it mass hysteria and onslaught. The battle was causing a flood of witchcraft to permeate the airwaves and release a global cloud of confusion and haziness that was blocking the heavens in sense. When I woke up I felt a deep travail for the church and began to prophesy “the witchcraft needs to stop now in Jesus’ name!” And then I logged into my social media accounts and started prophesying this over every platform, then over the world news stations.

In the confusion and chatter the enemy has stirred up the righteous to pick up the stones meant to be hurled at the giants of our day, but instead, the church has picked up these stones and started hurling them at each other. We must get our eyes off the diversion right now because it is a trap of the enemy so that we don’t take up our posts and take down the giants that are blocking, defying, and trying to prevent the church from seeing the breakthroughs and move of the spirit that we have been prophesying we will see. We have been the laughing stock because we have forgotten who the real enemy is. We have become so consumed with the political and culture war that we have stepped onto the battlefield and out of the place of effective intercession and prayer.

Lost in the chatter & shipwrecked on a false narrative

As I was prophesying I could see the swirl in the spirit. It was messy and a spiritual conflict just like my dream where the enemy had roused up fear, anger, and hate and caused people and groups to fight against one another on another level. This year there has been so much witchcraft swirling because of this and so many that have been feeling the effects of the chatter and it’s beginning to take its toll. Deep discouragement and defeat, confusion, grief, fear and bombarding mental warfare, headaches, and wanting to give up. People have become so caught up in the enemy’s narrative and have forgotten or not known what the script of heaven is for this hour, and become shipwrecked and lost in the swirl and confusion of the storm. But Holy Spirit is going to clear that today. I pray over you, your home, and the nations that the witchcraft stops now in Jesus’ name!

But I promise you, no weapon meant to hurt you will succeed, and you will refute every accusing word spoken against you. This promise is the inheritance of Yahweh’s servants, and their vindication is from me,” says Yahweh” Isaiah 54:17

Media warfare, the shift of power, & the rising media army

As I continued to prophesy I saw that there was coming to a shift to the media mountain. I saw the eyes of the Lord staring at the media of the world and His eyes burned with a holy justice and I knew it was a reckoning day for the media of the world that has lied, twisted, and skewed the truth for far too long. In the absence of the prophetic office taking up their place and influence in governing the airwaves, the counterfeit prophetic has been occupying it. The leviathan, twisting spirit, and jezebel have been lording it over the earth and releasing deception, lies, and demonic propaganda to champion the enemy’s causes. It has blinded generations and people groups for far too long but right now God is raising up a prophetic remnant who will take back their birthright.

The phrase that keeps bubbling forth from my spirit all year has been “we must be the new media!” Which is timely since we are in the year of the roar, and the decade of the prophetic revolution. There is a Davidic people that are stepping up right now that sound different from what we have been hearing – they are not party prophets but kingdom voices. They will be the radical and confronting voice of truth in an age of smoke and mirrors and restore the word of the lord to the land that has been dry and cracked from the lack of oil and revival rain. They won’t bow down to the cultural kings and gods to appease people for the sake of being alienated or attacked, and they won’t use the arrows of the enemy to fight their fights either. They will be the revolution of clear kingdom voices that exposes deception and points the church and world back to Jesus.

The 3rd heaven strategy & the clearing of the airwaves

He raised us up with Christ the exalted one, and we ascended with him into the glorious perfection and authority of the heavenly realm, for we are now co-seated as one with Christ!” Ephesians 2:6

As I continued to prophesy I heard a line from the old 90’s song by bittersweet symphony: “but the airwaves are clean and there’s nobody singing to me now” and I knew that the lord was speaking that the airwaves needed to be cleared and cleaned by the sound and song of the David generation, the worshippers, intercessors, and watchmen who would dare to rise up out of the 2nd heaven warfare and into the place of speaking into what God was doing. The media of the world literally operates in the same spiritual realm as the place where angels and demons war –  the second heavens. The word media comes from the word “medium” which means “middle layer” or “middle place” which is the second heavens, but we as the body of Christ cannot operate from the same realm but instead, we must come up higher and release the word of the lord from our jurisdiction and position “in heavenly places”. That is the place where God is calling us as the church to and we must ascend right now if we are going to see the shift we have been wanting to see.

We strategy is simple, we can’t keep wrestling flesh and blood but we must get out of the distraction and counterfeit fight and come up higher and worship, prophesy, and pray in the heart of God into the earth. It is only when we come up higher that we will see what God is doing and not just the chaos the enemy is wreaking on the earth. We must hear and release the solutions of heaven! Let the pure voices arise, clear the air, and reveal the heart of our king in this chaotic time.

After this, I looked, and there before me was a door standing open in heaven. And the voice I had first heard speaking to me like a trumpet said, “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this.” Revelation 4:1

The wave of recovery and the horn-blast of victory

In my second dream, I was in a house that backed onto the ocean that had these massive 20 ft high glass windows that could see out to the sea. As I looked out I could see that there was a torrential storm taking place and the ocean was choppy and waves were crashing up onto the house and the surrounding coastline. Suddenly Lou Engle appears next to me and he and I start looking out towards the sea and he says “can you see it?” So I look and I can see that beyond the storm at the back near the horizon there is a massive tsunami wave building and about to crest. The wave wasn’t just a wave of revival and outpouring but it was a wave of justice, redemption, recovery, and the secured victory. It was coming as the answer for the blood of the unborn that has been crying out, the reconciliation of racial injustices, trafficking, and the hidden evils that have been hiding in plain sight, and for the blood of Jesus to wash our land. It was the wave that has been contended for generations to see America return to its roots and the nations to the feet of Jesus. Both of us then begin to speak and prophesy to this wave for what seemed like hours and we were cheering on what God was doing and soon lost sight of the storm that kept blowing and swirling outside. Then what happened next was very strange yet significant, but I told Lou that I needed to hold up his arms as a prophetic act as they did for Moses in exodus 17:12. He agreed and I struggled at first because his arms were so heavy, but as I did a fresh anointing and strength cane upon Lou who suddenly began to prophesy and released a sound that sounded like a horn blast.

The significance of this dream are these points:

  • The house represents the 3rd heaven posture and place of prophetic revelation that can see past the storm and the window represents clear revelation that comes by being in that place.
  • The storm and waves represent the 2nd heaven storm and the counterfeit movements and distraction trying to get our eyes off what God is doing. It is the old wave that we have to let go of to see the new.
  • Lou Engle represents the global prayer and intercession movement but especially right now the prayer movement for America in this hour.
  • The wave is a wave of healing, justice, redemption, and the returning of the nation of America and the nations to the feet of Jesus. It is the prophesied wave of harvest. This wave is also the undoing of the enemy’s plans and every foothold he has had in secret hidden places. The wave is coming to unearth and wash away the counterfeit.
  • Lou’s prayer and intercession over the wave speak of the call to pray and contend like midwives for what God is doing and about to do. The show isn’t over, it’s about to begin.
  • Holding up Lou’s arms spoke to me of the joining of the rivers and unity needed right now to pray in what God is doing as well as the synergy of the generations–  sons, and daughters holding up the arms of the generals and their weighty global visions that are shifting the course of the nations as we speak.
  • It was Aaron and Hur who lifted up Moses arms in exodus 17:12: Aaron means “mountain of strength” or “high place” and Hur means “liberty” and “burning one”, which speaks of a generation of presence dwellers and freedom carrying burning ones who will shoulder the load of the fathers in this season and see the promised breakthrough come to pass.
  • The enemy Moses was fighting against in exodus 17:12 were the Amalekites which represented the spiritual principality that “twisted and wrung” just as the principality of the media does.
  • The horn blast represents the blast of victory, the blast of the announcing the wave, but also the blast of the call to war, and right now that is the call of the hour for the church at this time.

We must keep our eyes on the wave, stand firm, and fix our eyes on Jesus!

Moses answered the people, “do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again” Exodus 14:13

So let me call you forthright now out of the noise and the distraction, witchcraft, muzzling, chaos, distraction, mind bombardment, and into your position and place on the frontlines as the new prophetic media army who will stand firm and not change the subject or be moved by what we see or hear. I prophesy right now for the peace of God to hit you like a freight train, for every bit of noise, chatter, and confusion of the diversion to be cleared, and for you to see beyond the swirl to the move of the spirit about to crash over the nations. I prophesy you are coming out from under the weight of heaviness and weariness and tapping into the easy yoke and potency of your mantle. You are stepping out of the ring where you have been shadow boxing the enemy with every distraction and argument that comes to your door and stepping into your Davidic anointing to take down the giants and strongholds around you and step into the 3rd heaven current of his glory so you can see the ideas, strategies, and blueprints of heaven and speak them forth in Jesus name!  We must look beyond the storm because the wave is coming!!

Written by Nate Johnston


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