President Trump: Curses to Blessings

I sensed an immediate ‘rush to curse’ Trump from this camp of darkness.

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 I had some time to talk to the Lord Friday night after learning that President Trump and his wife Melania were diagnosed with COVID.  I simply asked, Father, what is happening with this diagnosis?  Unexpectedly I received an immediate response and heard two very clear answers.  

First I heard the Lord say, “this is not what it seems”.   

Secondly, the Lord suddenly took me to a vision of an encounter I had in 2018, and He said “this situation is that”, and then I heard him say “this diagnosis will create a vacuum for curses against him, so that I may bless him.”

Here is the encounter I had in 2018:   


One morning in February of 2018 I was reading in 2 Samuel 16,  about a man named Shimei who cursed David continually and even pelted him with stones. 

Davids mighty men suggested that they cut off Shimi’s head. 

Contrary to how I thought David might react he said “Let him keep cursing, for the Lord has put him up to it, that God might look upon my affliction and restore blessing instead of these curses!”   

After I read this, I actually had the thought, “hmm I wonder if I would react in such a way?” Later that day I went to the gym and had the most unusual encounter I’ve ever had at a gym.  As I have done hundreds of times, I walked near a strange man who was occupying a machine to ask if I could work in on his off sets.  

But before I was even 5 feet from him, and never opened my mouth, this man looked hatefully at me and began to literally cuss me out and threatened me to get the @!#% away from him.  

It was so surprising, I thought it had to be a joke.  But the man without any sense of conscience continued on to curse me out.  

I smiled, thinking to myself, well I guess my kids are gonna see their dad with a black eye today?! Thankfully the man did not hit me!  

I walked away and pondered what had happened.  Then it hit me, and I knew God was in the mood to bless!!  Just like the account from David’s life that I had read that morning, God wanted to turn a curse into a blessing for me!  

I had completely forgotten about this encounter, and God brought this to me in vision form as a response to my inquiry of what was happening with this COVID diagnosis.  God is a master strategist! As soon as I heard Potus and Flotus were diagnosed with COVID, in the spirit I heard the wicked elation of the demonic realm and the seething hatred of mockers and evil men. I sensed an immediate ‘rush to curse’ Trump from this camp of darkness. Yet God has fixed the game before it began. Even the wrath of men will praise Him.  I believe this is what the Spirit says for Trump at this moment:   “Let them keep cursing, for the Lord has put them up to it, that God might look upon my affliction and restore blessing instead of these curses!”   

I decree peace to the body of Christ, with regard to this situation.  I decree that things are not as they seem.  I decree that God has provided a means to put ‘them’ up to cursing Trump, in order that God may look upon the affliction and bring forth blessings instead of curses!!  I decree the curse has been removed in the blood of Jesus! I decree blessings, life, health, strength, and everything the enemy has used for evil, for good!!  – In Jesus’ name!




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