Praying – A Positioning of the Heart

Just think about it, “we get” to bow before the Throne of Grace of the All-Powerful Maker of the Universe and talk with Him!

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When most of us think about praying, we think of being on bended knees with our hands together and bowing our heads with our eyes closed, and that’s great; that’s a correct way to pray, of course. But what’s the positioning of your heart when you’re praying?

When I think of praying, I think of the positioning of my heart. Not only am I bowed down to God physically, but in my heart, I am bowing down to Him as well. With reverence and with great humility in my heart, I am laying prostrate before God. It’s such a powerful positioning of one’s heart to present to Him. 

Just think about it, “we get” to bow before the Throne of Grace of the All-Powerful Maker of the Universe and talk with Him! Knowing and believing that is a humbling posture to take in itself. Yet, it’s a privilege we don’t always take advantage of. The One, who makes all the difference in the world in our “coming in and in our going out”; the Sovereign One; calls us His friend, and “we get” to pray to Him. He is our faithful Father and a Companion to lean on. 

So why do we have a hard time always praying to God with a bowed heart? Is it pride? Is it that we don’t know how to? Is it that we don’t want to give up control to Him?! Control of what the world would consider as being weak?

I believe it’s much deeper than that. I believe most of us have a difficult time processing that we are actually able to commune with The Almighty God!  Jehovah!  Yahweh!  The God who set all things into motion, who called all things into being, is yours and, my Friend, to whom “we get” to pray. That the only true God would allow us to have fellowship with Him is a humbling thought to grasp! But it is also what we, as God’s children, are privy to. 

So how can we be more enabling of the positioning of our heart to God and be more mindful of how we approach God? We have to be willing to die to ourselves, our emotions, our thoughts, and what we want!  Surrender yourself to Him, and don’t think about yourself!  Just think of Him!  Think of His goodness surrounding you.  Encompassing you.  Being a hedge of protection all around you and rest in Him, relax in Him.  Be willing to allow Him to absorb you and your entire being in the warmth of His Glory and Majesty.  Allow yourself to be free and without thought of anything else but Him. Be willing to be vulnerable and open, and transparent.  Take the positioning of a contrite heart and mind.  Be moldable.  Be willing to be consumed by Him.

And with all of that positioning of oneself, the positioning of one’s heart, transformation takes place! A new you evolve. A re-created being comes forth! We become awakened to the feelings of being renewed and refreshed, having been in His presence. 

That Is The Positioning Of The Heart. That is Praying to the Almighty God of the Universe, The Great I Am!   



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