How POTUS Shield is Reshaping America

They want to create a better America, a unified America, a sacred America, and so do I. 

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I lived in political oblivion until I was about fourteen. September 11th, 2001 changed something in me. When I watched the twin towers fall, I realized that war could affect my life. It had never hit me before. In my naiveté, I thought war was uncivilized, something for history books. I became aware that I was a part of something larger, something stronger, and something that could change my life entirely. I was a citizen of the United States, and subject to the government.

At first, this scared me. I imagined war on U.S. soil with my home destroyed and all my provision lost, my entire life gone–no education, no hope, no future.

Following 9/11, I paid attention to politics from a distance. At fourteen, I became aware that there was a world of war and politics that could reshape all our lives. My dad was very political, and in true teenage fashion, that made me hate it. Near the end of college. I seemed somewhat curious but mostly interested in thinking differently than my dad. By the time I was thirty, married, and a mother, I finally realized more of my role as a citizen of this country. Politics isn’t something for the zealots; it’s something for every man and woman. It’s a right and a privilege.

As I watched this last election play out, I tuned in to a few of the debates. I watched the polls and actually cared about who rose to the top. I knew the election affected my life, and because of that, I knew I needed to use my voice and play my part. My personal favorite contender didn’t finish the race, so I had to adjust my thinking. By the time Trump was sworn in, I was navigating what it meant to follow Jesus, be an American, and support my president even if that president turned out to be someone I wasn’t supporting to win the primaries. Once the president takes the oval office, my role as a follower of Jesus stays the same no matter who sits at that desk. I had to figure out what that role was.

What does my Heavenly Father say about my government and me? I had spent so long living without an awareness of politics that I had some learning to do. First off–God cares A LOT about government. He created it. In Exodus 18, God chose capable leaders from the Israelites to help Moses govern the people. Repeatedly in Psalms, the Bible talks about the Lord Most High being King over all the Earth (Ps 47:2, Ps 66:7, Ps 103:19, to just name a few). He is the head of all governments, and because He is my Father, I should honor Him by honoring those He places in government. Romans 13:1 says, “Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.”

That still left me wondering what I could do. After a president is sworn in, there’s no more voting, no more debates being held. How can I, as a believer, play a role in the political arena in America? What would that look like?

Come to find out, there are lots of ways to get involved. There are local elections and reasons to be involved in your hometown or state, but there’s also a much more simple way to participate. We can pray. Praying for the President isn’t something you do because they line up with all your beliefs, it is something you do because as a follower of Jesus we are called to honor governing authorities. There is a growing group of people who rally around this idea. They are called POTUS Shield.

POTUS Shield is an intercession shield and exists to bring about reformation and revival in the US by collectively hearing the Lord’s voice and moving as one unified force through prayer. The members of POTUS Shield believe the government is established by our Heavenly Father and that He has a vision for it. They seek to align themselves with that vision, pray, and move that vision into action. Their tagline is, “Together we raise up a shield over our nation.” They work together to “discern, declare, and decree the strategies of the Lord for our nation.”

It’s an incredible opportunity and a powerful position. When we agree with our Heavenly Father and pray for His will to be done on Earth, we are joining forces with Him to bring it into existence. Our role has shifted from a passive viewer into a participant.  We are joining with Jesus in Matthew 6 when He says, “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” POTUS Shield recognizes our responsibility as believers in the United States, and they join in and fight through prayer for our country. They want to create a better America, a unified America, a sacred America, and so do I.

I think prayer is more powerful than we realize. It’s very rare that we see the answer as soon as we say, “Amen,” but even though our answers are often long in coming, that doesn’t mean we relent. We are called to fight the good fight. I wish I had realized politics were a part of that fight sooner, but I’m glad I know now. Politics isn’t something outside the realm of God. It’s a tool He gives us to reshape our world, to create a new reality for the generations to come, and it is a great honor to be a part of shaping our world with Him.



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