Waiting On The Promises Of God with Jen Baker

Listen to Jill and special guest Jen Baker discuss building your faith. Jen, speaker and author of six books, teaches and tells stories that will change the way you believe for God’s promises.

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Kingdom Winds
Kingdom Winds
Waiting On The Promises Of God with Jen Baker

The Jill Monaco Show


Episode 40

Special Guest: Jen Baker

My guest today is Jen Baker. She is a speaker, author of 6 books and a good friend of mine. She was born and raised in the U.S. and now lives in the U.K. Her ministry reaches all over the globe as she helps those in modern-day slavery and orphans. Jen carries a breakthrough anointing to shift atmospheres and release faith. 

Are you waiting on some promises from God? If you’re like me … you go back and forth between trusting God and questioning Him. Between having faith and doubt. Between hope and discouragement. Today Jen’s stories and teaching are going to give you an impartation of faith that will change the way you believe for your promises.


  • Jen’s incredible story of selling everything to go to a country where she only knew one person (and without a job).
  • What to do while waiting for God to answer His promises.
  • What God is saying about unity for the body of Christ right now.
  • The 4 pieces of advice Jen has for those who are waiting on a promise.
  • How you can get mentored by Jen!



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