Unlocking Your Freedom In Christ With Kerrie Oles

Join Jill with her guest Kerrie Oles. She has led thousands to be healed through her testimony and teachings, and she’s passionate about freedom too!

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The Jill Monaco Show


Episode 43

My guest today is Kerrie Oles. She is my soul sister who is passionate about freedom too. Kerrie has led thousands to be healed through her testimony and teachings. She is a speaker and author of several books including her latest Unlocked Now. For over 10 years, her message has enabled women to understand their value and identity only comes from God.

Are you trying to discover how to receive inner healing from the scars of your past? Do you need to replace doubt, shame and regret with confidence and hope? This conversation will inspire you to go to higher levels of freedom in Christ.


  • How Kerrie discovered how to grow into who God created her to be after a life of many trials.
  • Why you don’t succeed at the Christian life as soon as you “get saved.”
  • How losing her three brothers caused her to feel like she wasn’t loved.
  • Why some abused women think they deserve to be abused.
  • How shame comes to believers when they still make mistakes as they grow.
  • How inner pain causes outward destruction but inner healing changes your life.
  • Why forgiveness it the most important key to getting unstuck.
  • How to replace lies with truth.
  • How to claim your success in Christ and stay the course.
  • Why you are enough to do the thing God’s called you to be … right now!


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Unlocking Your Freedom In Christ With Kerrie Oles
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