Understanding Your Purpose, Place and Position With Jen Tringale

Join Jill Monaco as she talks with Jen Tringale about unlocking purpose and potential, understanding our childhood dreams, and discovering the path of our callings.

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The Jill Monaco Show


Episode 46

Jen Tringale is an internationally known speaker, author, and strategist on awakening destiny. She has a passion to unlock the purpose and potential within individuals, organizations, cities, and nations. Her international influence includes meetings with Heads of State, Cabinet Members, U.S. Embassy and State Dept. Representatives. Jen has such an anointing to bring breakthroughs to the lives of those who listen to her speak or read her books. Speaking of which …  She’s authored two books Your Defining Moment and Calling.

If you want to understand your destiny and calling, there is no better person to hear from than Jen Tringale. She will ignite your passion for discovering your destiny and give you the ability to look above your current season of life or circumstances to pursue what God has uniquely designed for you. In her most recent book, Calling, she shares about how to understand the DNA of your destiny, the path of your calling, transitions, collaborations and what it takes to get there. I’m so excited you get to hear from Jen today–and soak up all God has for you to receive through her.


  • How listening to the dreams you had as a child points to your destiny
  • Looking at where the favor is on your life reveals what God is doing
  • Why there is a specific territory assigned and determined for you and how to identify it
  • Why God gives us creative license to go after certain things and yet He’s still sovereign
  • Why you need to know you’re a co-creator with God and co-laborer with Jesus
  • How to avoid the pitfalls in the culture of “self” as it drives us to look at our calling more than God
  • Why your assignment will change or perhaps not look like your calling
  • How to not shut down things that seem that don’t agree with your calling but are part of the preparation for it
  • Jen’s prayer for those that feel lost or are without a vision for their purpose
  • Why you’re equipped to do that thing God’s called you to do right now


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Understanding Your Purpose, Place and Position With Jen Tringale
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