The Power Of Fearless Love With Janet Newberry

Episode #60 – Janet and Jill talk about how Janet came to recognize her fear-based convictions and trade them for love-based convictions.

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The Power Of Fearless Love With Janet Newberry

The Jill Monaco Show


Episode 60

Janet is a self-proclaimed love researcher, podcaster on the LOVE IS FEARLESS podcast, author of the book Education by Design, Not Default–How Brave Love Creates Fearless Learning, and founder and visionary of John 15 Academy.

Janet understands a life bound to fear. We talk about how she came to recognize her fear-based convictions and trade them for love-based convictions. She shares what brave love looks and how her book creates fearless learning. I know you’ll be so inspired to show fear the door when you know love has a better invitation!

She and her husband Doug packed it all up and now live in an Airstream named Freedom and they have launched a LOVE IS FEARLESS movement which is committed to building cultures of love around the world. Could she be any more aligned with what Jill Monaco Ministries stands for? The similarities of our passions don’t end there … but you’ll have to wait to hear all about it on today’s podcast.


  • Why the heck she would put everything in storage and live in an airstream
  • Lessons from seeking freedom living on the road
  • Why she calls herself a love researcher
  • How to make decisions that are love-driven and not fear-driven
  • How her research of the neurology of fear and love combined with the Gospel gave her a format for education 
  • John 15 Academy helps educate parents to build a homeschool atmosphere without fear so their children can live life well and not just score well on their test
  • Love is Fearless project focuses on building cultures of communities, homes, churches without fear
  • What helps our brains develop, boosts our immune system and heal from trauma (and override the damage cortisol has done to our brains)
  • Your convictions are set by either fear or love


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Jill Monaco Ministries is passionate about encouraging people to pursue the presence of God. Through teaching, coaching, and writing, their prayer is that believers discover their freedom in Christ and become everything God created them to be.