The Jill Monaco Show: New Podcast!

Join Jill Monaco on her first episode of the podcast “The Jill Monaco Show” to discover the favor that’s already on your life. Tap into courage, gifts, and passions you never knew were there.

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The Jill Monaco Show


Episode 1

My life is filled with awesome conversations with friends! I hardly have time to share everything I’m gleaning from them on social media or in my blogs. And since I’m constantly inspired, encouraged, or challenged by those relationships, I thought I’d invite you to listen in on our conversations. We hope to let you see the beauty in our very messy process. By listening, I pray you join me on a journey to discover the favor that is already on your life. Tap into courage, gifts, and passions you never knew were there … take risks, be bold, let go of baggage that is holding you back. God created you with a purpose and redeemed you to be the light of the world. Discover how He sees you. Sometimes you just need to be around the right people to see who you really are.


  • Why I’m starting a podcast
  • My heart for connection and conversation
  • What to expect from this podcast
  • How often you can listen to the podcast


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The Jill Monaco Show: New Podcast!
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Jill Monaco Ministries is passionate about encouraging people to pursue the presence of God. Through teaching, coaching, and writing, their prayer is that believers discover their freedom in Christ and become everything God created them to be.