THE BREATHING GOD PODCAST: A Time Of Encounter – What Do You See?

Today, Karen McAdams and I talk about getting free from false identities and shame so we can be who our Father created us to be. Stay tuned to the end when Karen leads us into a powerful encounter with Jesus.

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THE BREATHING GOD PODCAST: A Time Of Encounter - What Do You See?



Today, I lead you into an encounter with the Lord, who has a gift for you! Come see what it is, and let His love enable you to see clearly.

Here’s more about Karen:

How does one write their own bio? I’ve lived in Atlanta for forever with my husband of 28 years, Kevin, and have 2 amazing sons, Connor (27) and Cade (24). My family and friends would tell you that I am passionate about Jesus, Truth, vulnerability, and naps. Oh, and I always know where to take a good Jesus field trip! I would say that they are pretty much right. But you have to know that’s not who I have always been. 

Although I walked the aisle and prayed “the prayer” at 17, I didn’t really know Christ. In fact, I didn’t know that you could. I was handed a bible, given the list of do’s and don’ts and deduced that it was up to me to impress God. Let’s just say it didn’t take very long to fail at that endeavor. 

By the time I was in my late 20s, I had become a professional “hider” – I knew how to play the part on the outside, but I was completely falling apart on the inside. Childhood trauma, 2 failed engagements, and a backpack of shame and masks had taken their toll on me. I was convinced I was unlovable and a spectacular disappointment to God. Until. Well…you know what comes next until—I met HIM. Like really met HIM. 

The words He spoke caught me off guard – they were breathtaking words for someone like me. That encounter with HIM became the catalyst for a journey into a life that I didn’t know was possible. I discovered that “good” isn’t really sufficient to describe just how good He really is! And that the abundant life isn’t a metaphor or a Christian slogan but an invitation for all people, anywhere, anytime – as long as you are willing to come to HIM on his terms. He gives bear hugs and throws parties before listening to apologies. That’s the Papa God I know. Let’s just say I want you to know Him too. 

Oh, and then there’s the other stuff…

Co-author of Father’s House, an 8-week video-based bible study designed to position women for an intimate encounter with the Father’s heart

Co-host of There is More Podcast

Director of Equipping for Be Still Ministries 

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Gretchen Rodriquez is a best-selling author, writer, podcast host, teacher, and Kingdom Winds Collective member. Her desire is to encourage you. To stir your desire for the Lord and lead you straight to Him so that you can encounter the One who loved you before the beginning of time and will never stop. She wants everyone to know that knowing God intimately changes everything! If you'd like to join her on her journey, you can hang out with her on Facebook, Instagram, The Breathing God Podcast, or through her writing with Jesus.