Staying On Plan; God’s Way with Amy Elaine & LaTan

#Episode 79 – Go courageously with God. One day at a time. 

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Real Victory Radio

Amy Elaine Martinez & LaTan Roland Murphy

Episode 79
Go courageously with God. One day at a time.
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About the Author

Amy Elaine Ministries (AEM) exists to help heart-shattered lives become whole again through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. Through Bible teaching, speaking, writing, and blog posts, Amy Elaine offers hope to those longing for a deeper, more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ... In addition to AmyElaine.com, AEM hosts Real Victory Radio, a listener-supported radio ministry outreach program where Amy Elaine and her new cohost, LaTan Roland Murphy talk about how to GET REAL: Ready & Equipped for an Authentic Life of Victory! With special guests, author interviews, and Biblical teaching, you’ll be encouraged to go courageously and live victoriously.