Introducing the EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST with Tim Ferrara

TRAILER – Join EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT author Tim Ferrera for his new spin-off podcast. Listen to the trailer for a quick summary of what this show is about and why you will want to listen to it!

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Introducing the EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST with Tim Ferrara






We can grow in discernment and make better decisions that honor God in all we do.  We grow in discernment through our knowledge of the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and Godly relationships.  My goal for this podcast is to learn about discernment from other Christians and hear their stories about times when they made good decisions and also poor decisions.  Through their transparency, I pray that we can learn practical steps for hearing God’s voice and making wise decisions in our daily life.


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About the Author

Tim Ferrara, Founder of Discerning Dad ( Background in the church all my life. Management experience in the work place. Elder at church and Chairman of the Board of Directors. Husband and father.