Mistakes Are Good

Episode #1 – What does God think of our mistakes? Tune in to hear these men wrestle through a question that dramatically affects how we respond to our children’s mistakes.

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God is a Dad

Episode #1

Justin— Podcast Host

Dan and Jake— Friends and Fellow Dads


What does God think about our mistakes? How we answer that question dramatically affects how we handle our kids’ mistakes, not to mention our own. Hit play to hear a discussion on how God approaches our mistakes (it’s good news, by the way) and what that means for dealing with our children’s mistakes.

We follow that up with a conversation at 33:00 about a place many make loads of mistakes: social media. We talk through some of the (many) pitfalls and the best (few) uses since it’s not going away anytime soon and we might as well get used to it.

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Mistakes Are Good
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Three friends talking about how God parents His kids and what that means for us as parents. We also throw in a little movies, sports, TV, music, gaming, food/drink, hobbies, etc. because God is fun too.