Lineage of Grace: Rahab

Listen to Bridgeway Church’s evening service, featuring Ascent director Joe Reynolds with a message on Rahab.

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Lineage of Grace: Rahab

Joe Reynolds, Director of the Ascent Leadership School

Listen to Bridgeway Church’s evening service from January 12, 2020, featuring Ascent director Joe Reynolds with a message on Rahab.

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Lineage of Grace: Rahab
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Bridgeway is a church committed to standing in the radical middle of the Word and the Spirit. While many churches typically gravitate to one extreme or the other, we want to be a place where both the Word and the Spirit collide in equal measure. We are committed to the way in which Jesus lived—rooted in the Word, empowered by the Spirit, building an extended family, and making disciples that make disciples. To us, this is not learned in a classroom, but happens “life on life.” We believe we grow in Jesus when we are sharing life with other people.