God Did Not Do This To Me – Lisa Stringer AlongTheWay 46

Join John Matarazzo and special guest Lisa Stringer to hear her story of hardship and triumph. Lisa shares God’s goodness through her rise in the radio industry, followed by the hardship of divorce and illness.

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Kingdom Winds
Kingdom Winds
God Did Not Do This To Me - Lisa Stringer AlongTheWay 46

Lisa Stringer quickly rose to the top of her field in the radio industry but her life fell apart and her marriage fell apart. After truly turning her life over to Jesus, she found joy, peace, and a new husband. Things were looking good but then her Godly new husband was diagnosed with cancer. They stood strong and declared that “God Did Not Do This To Me”


Her AlongTheWay moments include…

– First Latina Radio Program Manager

– Breakfast with Mariah Carey

– Forgiveness through Divorce

– Restoration with New Husband Doug Stringer

– God Didn’t Do This to Me

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