DH 082: How Men Can Develop Discipline and Which Areas to Focus On

Chad and Patrick sit down to talk about why many men in church are tired, disconnected, and distracted, and how honoring the Sabbath plays an instrumental role.

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Kingdom Winds
Kingdom Winds
DH 082: How Men Can Develop Discipline and Which Areas to Focus On


Dad Hackers

Episode #82

Patrick Antonucci— Podcast Host

Chad— Episode Guest


Chad grew up in rural Illinois before going into the Navy at 18. He spent four years in active duty and was forward deployed for much of that time. He worked on F/A-18 aircraft onboard two different aircraft carriers. His time in service gave him the opportunity to explore different parts of the world.

He and his wife went to Southern Illinois University where they finished bachelor’s degrees and headed off into the workforce. Chad worked in the aviation industry for years until he went through a complete change of course. For the last 14 years, he has been in full-time vocational ministry. Since then, Chad has finished a master’s degree and continues to learn by being an avid reader, practitioner, and carnivore of useful wisdom. Chad loves the outdoors, sports, and good coffee and currently resides in Dublin, Georgia.

Chad founded A New Kind of Man in 2018. His long journey into manhood and his study of masculinity began after the birth of his son decades ago. His own limitations led him to exploring the Bible and other men from history to find better examples of what it means to be a man. His journey into manhood is still unfolding and he refers to it from time to time through his writing, posting, and podcast interviews.

Highlights From the Show

  • “The Study” vs “Man Cave”
  • Why many men in church are tired, disconnected, and distracted.
  • How the Church is sending an incomplete message to men.
  • Benefits of Sabbath.
  • Why it’s important to ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life.
  • How discipline is the key to growth in all aspects of life.
  • The myth of living a “balanced” life.

Books Chad Recommends

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About the Author

Founded by Patrick Antonucci, Dad Hackers is a community and podcast for Christian dads. We are devoted to encouraging and equipping Christian men to become who God designed them to be so that they can raise up the next generation of Christ-followers and leave a legacy of multi-generational faithfulness.