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It’s not always easy to work up the courage to minister to or intercede for others. It takes trust in the Lord, some slow breaths, and boldness that only He can give.

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I was sitting with my grandparents one day (December 27th, 2017 to be exact) and we were talking about what happens when you minister to someone, especially those you don’t know. It’s not always an easy feat because it can be embarrassing if you’re shy or soft-spoken. It can be awkward if you’re the type that suffers from social anxiety. It can even be terrifying if you’re worried the person isn’t going to receive what you have to share.

That’s what Satan wants, though. He wants you to feel fearful. He wants you to question yourself and make you doubt if what is stirring in your spirit was actually put there by the Lord. The enemy will do anything he can to keep you from being a light in someone’s life.

There have been quite a few times where I have been faced with the choice to plant a seed or let the moment pass. Normally, I can tell when the Lord is asking me to be a willing vessel because my hands or feet get filled with a tingling, burning sensation. My heart starts beating so fast that I think it’s going to bust out of my chest, and my thoughts speed up to a million miles an hour. Maybe it’s not like that for everyone, but it’s a sure-fire flag for me.

I’ve had this sensation in many various situations, but one time within this last year, it occurred in a Chick-fil-A. The lady in line behind me was expressing that she desired to reconcile with a family member. How we got on the topic escapes my memory, but I do distinctly remember feeling led to pray for her. I asked her if that would be okay, and she accepted without hesitation. God gave me every word I needed to say right then and there. I could tell she was blessed because of the big hug she gave me afterward.

Another example of this was in a Mexican restaurant with my family. Here, my focus fell on a lady trying to clean tables, sweep, and wash dishes so she could go home. Deep in my heart, I felt a random surge of energy. My spirit told me to pray for her, but my head didn’t know why I should. As silly as it might sound, I group-texted my mom and godmother to ask them about it even though we were all sitting around the same table.

“Do you feel like you will be disobedient if you don’t?” Mom asked.

“Yes, I do,” I replied.

“Then, there’s your answer.”

Unfortunately, I still wasn’t convinced. The lies of the enemy were telling me she would turn me down. Though I know it’s not wise to seek God’s heart and will in mere signs, I asked the Lord to make it clear to me. All night the woman had stayed on one side of the room, only passing our table on the left.

If the lady passes by our table on the right, I will pray for her, I told God in my heart.

Sure enough, moments later, she did.

Though she spoke little English (and I speak little Spanish) I immediately typed a message into a translator to ask if it’d be okay to say a prayer over her. She slightly paused but then agreed, and I rapidly typed a new message. It wasn’t a perfect translation, but I believed God would work wonders all the same. I even inquired about saying a prayer in English, and she agreed to that, too. Once I was finished, she warmly smiled and went on her way.

Now, I won’t tell you that every time you listen to the Lord, people are going to be open to you speaking into their lives. Everyone has free will, and they may decline, too. When I went to an apple festival in Hendersonville, North Carolina, a woman was sitting on the steps of the city’s capital. Her companion was standing in front of her with his hands on her head. She was in severe pain from a headache and was surrounded by intense music and a noisy crowd.

I had just come from inside the building when I noticed her. I stopped, glanced at my mom and friend, and then looked back at the woman. I thought about moving on. Instead, I turned around and asked if I could pray. Her companion looked over at me, down at her, and back to me. He was giving her a chance to speak for herself, but I’m pretty sure she didn’t hear me. After a few beats, he answered for her.

“No, thanks. She’ll be fine.”

For a split second, I was glued to the ground.

What? Did I just hear that correctly? How humiliating, I thought.

I nodded in concession with the man’s wish, respecting their privacy and boundaries, and walked around the corner with my company. I abruptly stopped again.

“Can we pray for them together?” I asked, a bit defeated.

“Yeah, we can do that,” Mom said.

Mom, my friend, and I grabbed hands and prayed anyway. After all, the Word of God says in Matthew 18:20, “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them” (NKJV). I felt better knowing I prayed even though it wasn’t with her.

Three totally different scenarios took place, and whether or not any of those ladies had agreed to receive prayer, God was with me the entire time. He gave me grace to step out in faith. I may never know if the first lady was reunited with her family or if the second and third came into an experience with the Father. I don’t know if other people continued to “water” the soil within those people’s hearts after I sowed into them. I may never see the fruits of my prayer, but God still honors my obedience in planting the seeds.

Sometimes, if it’s meant to be, God does allow us the privilege to watch the seeds we sow turn into dreams and success. He used my mother to speak words over family friends in the past, and she was blessed to see His promises come true for them. Looking back, she’s glad she remained obedient even when what she expressed to them seemed impossible at first. It took a while for both of the words she gave each friend to prove valid, but my mom never lost doubt that God would allow the seeds to take root, grow, and thrive.

It’s not always easy to work up the courage to minister to or intercede for others. It takes trust in the Lord, some slow breaths, and boldness that only He can give. Even if you’re afraid to make a move, do it anyway. When you step out despite fear, you remind Satan that he has no power over you. God grants peace and love where that fear tries to reign. No matter what the obstacles are, don’t let them stand between you and obedience. Plant the seed.




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