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He is calling and equipping many to be His rescue agents to pull people out of pits, prison houses, and bring restoration to lives, families, and generational bloodlines.

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This is part of my response to the question: “What Am I seeing and sensing in this season?”


 I believe God is calling some of His people to build something new. They are to pioneer the vision that God has been implanting. For many, they are pioneering what has not been seen before or are putting parts together in a way that has not been done before. There will need to be a great reliance on Holy Spirit to guide and release blueprints because they are following a heavenly pattern God is laying out.

If this is you, take courage. It may feel a bit like standing before a blank canvas with a wet paintbrush in your hand. This is where learning to lean on and be led by the Spirit is paramount. He will guide your hand as you put the brush to canvas. Some won’t even know what the final picture is going to look like. You are stepping out in faith as Abraham did and traveling into territory that God will show you as you go. Trust Him. What He has called you to, He will equip you for. If this is truly His plan and work, then He will bring every resource, connection, and strategy you need to fulfill and complete the assignment He has given you. 

Remember that everything is birthed through fervent prayer. Don’t neglect the secret place and the place of travail in prayer when your days fill up with the business of building. Carve out time for worship, praise, prayer, and listening in the secret place. Partner with Him in the dance. Let Him lead. Don’t lean on your own understanding. Yield to His hand as He places His hand atop yours and guides you in the swirl of the paintbrush. Take delight in the unveiling of the picture He is painting. 

Stay close in intimacy to His presence and your ear to His mouth. What an adventure awaits you. Release your faith that He is going to do exceedingly abundantly beyond all you could ask or imagine as you faithfully walk in step with Him and follow His lead. May your path be blessed and may everything you put your hand to prosper. 



I have also recently seen Jesus standing on the bank of the Jordan River. He was motioning his hands toward the river as if to say, “Shall we cross over?” I believe that for many who have been in obedient yielded step with Him, there is an invitation to cross the Jordan. 


The Jordan symbolizes several things:

*Beginning of new ministry 

*Empowerment and anointing of the Holy Spirit

*Baptism ( repentance & death of the flesh)

*Crossing over into new territory-the promised land 

This crossing over will require faith-filled steps of action. Be encouraged. I believe that there is a whole group of people even now about to take new territory in multiple arenas for the Kingdom of God. These will have died to themselves. They will be fully anointed for what God has called them to as Giant Slayers. They will be the ones who lay hold of the promise. Some of these promises will be things that the previous generations contended for and sowed into. We get to reap the benefits and see the fullness of what others looked forward to in faith.



God’s heart is truly broken for the broken. He is calling and equipping many to be His rescue agents to pull people out of pits, prison houses, and bring restoration to lives, families, and generational bloodlines. (Isaiah 42:22, Isaiah 61) In particular, He has highlighted in specific dreams the past few years the types of people that He is wanting to bring healing and freedom to. 

He is sending His people to the poor, those in ghettos, in prisons, the homeless, unwed pregnant girls, goths, LGBTQ, those burned by church and buried in legalism, those silenced by the church, the abused, the sex-trafficked, those trapped in cycles of addiction, the suicidal and self-harming, those caught in the occult, and those who are tortured and afflicted by demons. He is going after all of them to bring them into His heart, into relationship, and into freedom. He is commissioning a band of people all over the world, filled with His heart of compassion to rescue these ones whom He loves.

I believe that deliverance is going to become more mainstream and churches are going to awaken to the need for wholeness and freedom within their congregations. This will require a massive shift in their worldview. Some will reject this. Others will embrace these misfits and broken and they will see the favor of God upon their church or ministry to bring healing and restoration. Streams of the unlikely will begin to flow into places that are equipped to set the captives free.



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