Perfection Not Required

What God looks for is someone who is willing, someone who leans on His strength, and does things His way.

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I am thankful that God uses imperfect people, and even animals, to bring about His will, to bring blessings and justice. God will even use non-believers, His word promises that what the enemy planned for bad, He will turn around and use it for good. Can you imagine if He only used perfect people with no bad history? If He said you were no good because of mistakes past and knowing those in the future!! I would be useless and hopeless if that was the God I serve.

You see it’s easy to look at someone’s record and say, “What good can come out of someone like that?” And easy as well to ignore your own faults or selfish intentions that might come across as nice and caring while maybe your “why” isn’t so self-sacrificial.

What God looks for is someone who is willing, someone who leans on His strength, and does things His way. Someone who when they fall they get back up again and say “Here I am Lord, thank you for Your mercy. Help me to do good with the right reasons”. 

Donald Trump is not a perfect person, but then no one is except Jesus. However, his love for America is evident and he often speaks of God. Donald Trump won the election by a landslide, even more than I believe he even realizes. And without shame, I know justice is coming and the cheater will be removed. I know Donald Trump will walk back in the White House soon, not in 2024.

God is moving through the nation and uncovering lies and secret deals which were done behind closed doors. He is revealing the evil done to children and bringing justice to our land.  I declare these things because my faith is in God. I love to please Him and not man. He has brought many scriptures and visual impressions in my prayers and I trust His word above all else. Those that laugh at me or others standing for justice do not understand God’s ways or how He operates.

Soon the world will be in awe of His miraculous works and most importantly know what His LOVE actually looks like. His love doesn’t mean there is no pain in this world. So many blame God for the brokenness of the world and don’t understand God’s gift of free will. They don’t understand why evil people are allowed to live and do harm. He wishes that none should perish. If you have breath and life, you have an opportunity to give your life to Jesus. That’s grace and love.

The world needs to stop blaming God for everything and submit to Him. Most people don’t submit because their definition of God is not even who He really is.

My prayer is that God’s love will become tangible to you. That you will desire it more than anything on this planet, and accept Jesus Christ as your Savior. This mortal life is short. Eternity is forever. All good comes from Him and eternity without Him…..I can’t even imagine.



Written by Kerri Mitchell 


Featured Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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