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There is a place for us.

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Recently I was working on an online digital puzzle.  There was one piece in the middle of the puzzle that wouldn’t move. I thought that the screen had frozen but discovered that the pieces around it would move. 

Suddenly it dawned on me that this piece was “stuck” because it had somehow found exactly where it belonged. It had connected and was firmly in place. 

I found myself seeing this from a prophetic point of view. We have entered a new calendar year. We are entering into a new season of this world. People’s places in what’s ahead are shifting and changing. People are moving and taking new jobs.  Many have lost loved ones. Circumstances are changing. 

But as we go into this new year, at least from a spiritual standpoint, there is a place for us…maybe a new church, a new job, a new friend set, a new city, a new ministry, a remodeled home. We may not understand it yet, but when we find it and once we get there, we will fit perfectly.  

This one piece could not be moved. It “knew” it was in its right place and waited securely there as the other pieces filled in around it.  And when they all filled in, a beautiful picture appeared with each piece in its right place. 

Happy New Year! May we all find our perfect place in this new year!


Written by Penny Jackson


Featured Image by congerdesign from Pixabay 

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