Penetrating the Plans of Hell

When exposure takes place, it will contain the spiritual intelligence needed to destroy the plans of hell before they can be executed.

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We have entered a moment in history when unusual and unexpected revelations will be brought to light. The Lord has planted people inside the war room of hell where dark strategies are being developed. When exposure takes place, it will contain the spiritual intelligence needed to destroy the plans of hell before they can be executed.

Jan and I were honored to be invited to a meeting where several unique individuals were in attendance. In the meeting were Kingdom investors, entrepreneurs, prophets, inventors, and owners of corporations. Also seated at the table was a high-ranking military officer who worked at NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command). Our topic for the afternoon was the reformation of nations as part of the Great Commission. Friendships were established in that meeting that continue to deepen to this day. 

During our time together, a term was used I had not heard before. It was the word “SCIF.” SCIF refers to a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility. It is a secure room within the interior of a national defense facility where the classified business of national security and defense operations take place without the threat of technical interference or discovery. It is a limited-access room only open to those with appropriate security clearances. A SCIF is constructed using materials and a specific design that prevents those outside the room from penetrating the enclosure to listen or observe what is taking place in the room. 

As the affairs of nations continue to be manipulated by dark unseen entities, the most sinister plans being developed will not be revealed by the most talented investigative reporters or discovered by the production of physical evidence. There is another kind of evidence that can only be revealed by Spirit-led revelation.  Some of you will be placed inside the equivalent of the SCIF of hell where high-level demonic forces and their principalities are at work developing plans to bring death and despair to the world. Without the Lord making these plans known, they would be fulfilled without the knowledge required to prevent their execution.

If you or your team of intercessors have been given such access and find yourself placed inside a hellish SCIF, the Lord has positioned you there under His care, direction, and protection. The enemy does not realize you are present and prophetically recording his plans. Your mission is to listen and discern what is being planned so that you can gain the kind of spiritual intelligence needed that will enable you and others to pray and release declarations of intervention. Those prayers and declarations will topple the most sophisticated plans of evil that were hatched in a place of presumed secrecy but will finally be brought into the bright light of day for all to see. At that moment of revelation, a supernatural disempowerment will occur that will amaze all who did not realize what was being planned. They will give glory to God for His protective love and mercy.

“For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all“ (Luke 8:17).


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