Pendulum Swing

The enemy may have won a battle in your life but he has already lost the war!

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Recently I have been sensing that in my business, ministry, and personal life that I am on the verge of something big. My family and I have really been contending in prayer for many different things but especially for America and I have just recently been sensing a strong shift that is coming. As I was in a time of prayer just the other day, the Lord spoke something so powerfully to me. He said, “The pendulum is about to swing.” I immediately sensed that there was so much more to this word that the Lord wanted to reveal to me. As I continued to pray, I started thinking about how a pendulum swings from one side to the other. This reminded me of the Kingdom principle of sowing and reaping. The Word of God tells us over and over again that whatever we sow, we will reap.

I have been sowing and sowing over and over again in the place of prayer with the Lord for America, for the church at large, for our city, and for every prophetic word God has given to my wife and me to come to pass. One of the most important things you can learn is that whenever you see things go in a way that you know does not align with the prophetic words God has spoken over your life, it is time to use the authority God has given to you in prayer. Now is the time to make fresh declarations and decrees over those prophetic promises you are still waiting to come to pass and watch how your life will change! Wherever the enemy has attacked you in previous seasons is where God is about to bless you in this season. The enemy may have won a battle in your life but he has already lost the war! The Lord has never lost and He is not going to start with you.

In this same time of prayer, the Holy Spirit reminded me of all of those times of sowing in prayer over the past few years, the past 10 years, and over the past 20 years. My close friend and I started a prayer meeting on Tuesday nights 9 years ago and we are still holding that prayer meeting every single week. We have sown in the place of prayer to see America experience revival and awakening.

I truly believe that God is not finished with America, I still believe He wants to use this country and its people to advance His Kingdom on the earth like never before. In the natural world, it seems as if the enemy has fully hijacked the purpose and destiny that the Lord has for this nation. However, as I continued to pray into this word about the pendulum swing the Lord spoke to me again and said, “When the pendulum swings back the right way it will swing higher than it did before. In this season, I believe the enemy will not only have to give back what He has stolen from the people of God but he also must pay recompense. Whatever the enemy has stolen from you, he must pay back seven times greater. So get ready to see the restoration and recompense of the Lord sweep over America and your life. Get ready to walk in the greater and better!

So I want to encourage you with this word today, the pendulum is about to swing. When it swings it will swing higher in your favor and in favor of the Kingdom of God in and through your life. You will see this pendulum swing and this shift take place in the church, in the business world, in the political realm, and in all spheres of culture. What God is about to do will be evident to everyone and His glory and His Kingdom are going to be manifested in a powerful way in this season. Keep fighting the good fight of your faith, keep sowing in prayer, and be reassured that it is about to be time to reap! The pendulum is about to swing!




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