Pandemic Prophecy: God, “What Are You Doing?”

The slow down on the outside has resulted in a shaking on the inside, but soon they will find internal stillness.

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I have been watching the development of the Coronavirus Pandemic since mid-January in China.  In times past, I’ve sat on joint city and county committees for previous scares such as the bird and swine flu.  Even though I’m not currently serving in this capacity, I’ve seen all of the preparation that is done behind the scenes that only results in nothing being done, and to be honest, I thought this time would be like all of the other times. I almost snickered about all of the behind-the-scenes work that was going on to prepare for another scenario that just wouldn’t amount to anything. I was totally shocked when I got the first email informing me that my kids’ schools would be closed for two weeks. I was even more shocked when the tickets for my upcoming mission trip were canceled. I was blown away when our governor’s executive orders shut down our small groups and then forced us to use only our live stream for services. I know the protocol, but I couldn’t believe it was really happening. I was never fearful. I was strangely unemotional. It was like I was watching a documentary, not living through a pandemic. 

I was eating dinner with my family outside on the patio the night before my church’s second weekend of complete disruption. After the meal, I sat outside, and wondered how could I have been taken off guard? How could I have been so surprised by this? But more importantly, I asked, “God, what are You doing?” I really didn’t expect the word of the Lord to come to me with such clarity and vitality, but this is what the Holy Spirit communicated to me:

“I’m doing a cultural reset. More families have had picnics, taken walks, played games and planted gardens since I’ve hit the pause button. I love humanity, but they’re so busy, they’re not enjoying the lives I’ve given them. I am giving them joy, and My kindness is bringing them to repentance (Romans 2:4).

Yes, there is great stress and chaos in a few sectors of society, but a majority of the sectors are being filled with peace, harmony, rest and reflection.  

The pace of life is so fast, it has prevented the seeds of My Word from taking root in their hearts. As My Spirit would convict the hearts of the masses, they would just speed up. During this time, I’m allowing the seed of My Word to settle in their hearts. The slow down is allowing them to find the ache in their hearts that’s for Me. It’s giving them time to reflect on the meaning of life, morality, mortality, and family.

There are many like you that are tuned into my purposes. You see progress happening in your life and ministry, and you find this slow down frustrating. Don’t mind the pause. This pause will produce the greatest harvest the earth has ever seen. I’m using the pause to plant. I’m sowing My seed. To be clear, I’m not planting ministries, churches or destinies at this time. I’ve already sown these seeds in previous seasons. I did this so My people will be ready and prepared when the harvest arrives. Now, I’m sowing the seeds of harvest. In their boredom, they will remember Me. Over every continent and in every land My Spirit is brooding, preparing and convicting. 

It is just like when Peter and John fished all night and caught nothing, but at My word, a miraculous harvest of fish came forth (John 21:1-6). Many have fished all night believing for harvest. You’ve worked and prepared, but now My harvest is coming forth. The seed is being sown and the season of abundant harvest is coming. Read. Pray. Write. Prepare. Sit back and watch Me be Lord of the nations.

Will evil men exploit the time? Yes. Will some live in fear? Yes. Will some experience tragedy, grief, despair, and ruin? Yes. This is not My purpose, but you’re still on a groaning earth (Romans 8:19-23).

The enemy sought to accelerate the frantic clamoring of the masses. I’ve shaken the world by bringing peace. Your world is always in commotion. My response to the enemy’s plan was to just stop the commotion and clamor. The enemy didn’t expect that and how I laughed.  The slow down on the outside has resulted in a shaking on the inside, but soon they will find internal stillness. Stillness will birth peace. Peace will birth joy. Their joy will be My delight. In their stillness, they’ll discover Me. 

I’m also renewing the family. My coming movement will bring healing and restoration to the families on all four corners of the earth. It’s starting now. In the slow down, they’ll embrace and engage one another. So embrace My move and engage your family. Don’t be frustrated about the future. It’s in My hand. 

I am the God of the now. I AM! Not ‘I was.’ Not, ‘I will be.’ I AM. When you’re so concerned about the future and your calling, you lose connection with the now. I’m using this time to recalibrate you and reconnect you to the moment—so you can enjoy Me in the moment.

The majority of people are not afraid. Don’t believe the pictures the media draws for you. This will be a time of healing. What hell has birthed will fail and backfire. They never learn. 

Guard your heart. Don’t be eager for the destruction of the wicked (Proverbs 3:25). My ways are not your ways (Isaiah 55:8). I will save the lost through peace and joy, and I will always comfort those that mourn. Look up and see where your help comes from (Psalm 121:1).”

Personally, since receiving this word of clarity, it has helped me to relax, walk in a more simple trust, and have a sense of faith for the future. I hope it does the same for you. 


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