Overdue Victories

If you will welcome the correction and pruning of the Lord, then you will live a fulfilled and fruitful life.

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I was recently in one of our corporate prayer meetings, and it was one of those moments in prayer where I was wholeheartedly going after the Lord in intercession. Then the Lord spoke to me and said, “Overdue victories are coming.” As soon as I heard this, I asked the Lord who this word was meant for, and the Lord just repeated, “Overdue victories are coming.” I then knew that this word was not just for me but for anyone who would hear it and claim it by faith. So, if this word is for you, get ready! In any place that there is an overdue victory, you are about to see it come forth!

I believe many in the body of Christ are standing on the verge of one of the greatest breakthroughs they have ever experienced. Make sure you are in position to receive it! Where your triumph has felt delayed, you are about to see it suddenly manifested in your life. I sense so strongly that the Lord wants to bring these victories to each and every son or daughter who will rise up and claim it in this season. Heaven is activated on our behalf when we start believing that every promise and prophetic word from God is true.

There are two keys to unlocking the prophetic promises that have been spoken over your life. The first is that you need to let the Lord work on you and prepare you for the promise. If you will welcome the correction and pruning of the Lord, then you will live a fulfilled and fruitful life. If you refuse the Lord’s wisdom and correction you will not be properly positioned or prepared to steward what He wants to give to you or do through your life. The second key is to move forward and actively wait on the Lord. You have a part to play in seeing your promise come to pass. When God led the children of Israel into the promised land there were still giants in the land. Even though they were stepping into a promise, they still had to stand up and fight for what they knew God has already given to them. You must also be willing to fight the good fight of faith in order to truly step into the full manifestation of all God has for you.

Your overdue victories are coming! Make sure you are in position. Make sure your spiritual foundation and relationship with the Lord is strong and consistent. Let your faith rise and your expectation for what God will do increase because this is truly a season of fulfilled promises and overdue victories coming forth. Ephesians 3:19-20 promises that God will do supernaturally and super abundantly above all that we dare to ask, hope, pray or dream. The Lord is about to blow many of you away with the blessing and favor that is about to hit your life.  Prepare for what you have prayed for because this is your season if you will tap into it by faith! I hope this word excites you and that it encourages you to go after all that God has promised to do in and through your life. Overdue victories are on their way!


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