Advancement in God’s Kingdom is not about who wins the social debate.

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One of the greatest experiences we can have in a life of faith is to speak the truth in love to people, not trying to correct their misunderstanding about life but speaking to their souls, revealing to them how God sees them. The truth spoken in love can penetrate and dismantle the thickest of defensive walls.  I have seen the angriest and most bitter people reduced to tears when the truth of God’s love was revealed.

We are living in a time when a great deal of correction is coming from the Church. While we do need to address some issues, there seems to be an overabundance of corrective words. This can create an imbalance of overcorrection.  In volatile times of cultural upheaval, love must always lead the way, or we will lose our way.

Advancement in God’s Kingdom is not about who wins the social debate. The real victory goes to those who have learned how to compassionately deliver the word of the Lord to a wounded and desperate world. Those words will be at the heart of all God-breathed revivals and reformations.


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