Out of Control: Reflections of a Teen

Now the voiceless start to cry out, Even hope feels like doubt.

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This has gotten out of control,
Our nation is falling down a hole.
I have heard the gunshots,
This is no fairytale plot.
The cities are burning,
I wish we had seen the warning.
When will the ash begin to settle?
Between the fingers of the violent is cold metal.
Now the voiceless start to cry out,
Even hope feels like doubt.
We spoke our opinions and now we are muzzled,
Look at their blood-stained knuckles.
How can we cause change,
If those with good hearts are in chains?
How far can this go?
I think it’s starting to blow.
How much blood will be spilled?
How many more killed,
‘Til this comes to a halt?
I believe everyone is at fault.
When they began to riot,
We all stayed quiet.
This is such a mess.
It’s kind of like a game of chess.
Now it’s our move,
If we stay silent things will never improve.


Written by Asia Johnson


Kjersti’s daughter Asia is thirteen years old and loves the Lord with all her heart. She enjoys reading, writing, traveling, and doing anything creative.

Featured Image by Randy Fath on Unsplash

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