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More than ever, it is imperative we are yolked to the light and not obscure imitations of a redefined Christ.

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The Lord is not defined by a generation or the ideals, cultures, and trends thereof.  He is the Ancient of Days, the All Eternal One, who IS, ALWAYS WAS, AND IS YET TO COME! He does not get redefined each generation, He IS the ORIGIN.  And HE is also the END! You cannot recreate the ORIGIN. HE first created. So why do we, as creation, seek to redefine the ONE who FIRST created by our own creations? That is our own customs, cultures, traditions, art, intellect, reasonings, and carnal conclusions? HE can never “fit” into our creations. 

Why were the words of Jesus offensive to many, even at times to those closest to him? Because their culture and traditions were a stumbling block to the revealed truth. Jesus could not be defined by their traditions and conclusions on matters.  His way is always higher, and His perceptions and concepts the same. 

To truly walk in the light as He is in the light, we cannot seek to redefine Christ according to the custom, traditions, and cultures of this age.  Christ and the light He possesses will offend, challenge, and oppose that which is not born of the light.  

More than ever, it is imperative we are yolked to the light and not obscure imitations of a redefined Christ subject to culture and new age philosophies.  

Like Paul, make it your essential focus and aim in life to KNOW Him. That’s it, not focusing on what we are to become, but becoming will be a result of knowing. For to know Him will be in these days a matter between life and death. 


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Dr. Anita Alexander Th.D is a Prophetic Revivalist, Teacher, Intercessor, Psalmist, Author, and Songwriter. Anita graduated with her Doctorate of Theology degree from the North Carolina College of Theology in 2021. Together with her husband Dr. Sasha Alexander, she is the co-founder of Golden City Church, Kingdom Academy School of the Spirit, and Director of Revival Flame Ministries.

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