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Kingdom rule is with the open heart. This is why you must love your enemies. It is also why you must stay close.

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On another occasion, I sensed the Presence of the Lord Jesus manifesting near me, but His Presence was so faint I could easily have dismissed the impression and continued right on by. I turned to Jesus and asked Him, “Why do You come to me like this, so subtly?” His answer was unexpected, “Because I can trust you. You will not bend Our plans to your liking. Remember, be filled with the Spirit. You cannot do My work without Him. But with Him everything comes together just as it should. When you enter a new realm for the Kingdom you will want to be filled with the Spirit. Otherwise, you do risk being so spiritually dull you might miss the advantage being given to you.”

Jesus continued, “Do you see how much My peoples’ minds are not set on the things above? It is because the affections of the soul have not been shifted away from the earthly things. The appetites of the body are rightly fed with the fruit of this world. The appetites of the spirit and soul are to be nourished with the things of My Kingdom.”

“The soul is to learn the new ways, and to hunger for the Kingdom. It is a mismatch and a gross misunderstanding to try and feed the needs of the spirit man with the things of this world. This practice must end. My Body must mature and rise in the power of the Spirit. Some clutch their pet projects, beliefs, and expressions thinking they possess Kingdom secrets; for the mind of the flesh is protective of self-interests. But when a Kingdom secret is revealed, it is free to all who would receive. Some have mistakenly settled for crumbs. They hide what they have in a shell to protect it from loss. But it is those who have who will receive more, and they find an abundance. They wish to share and bid others to come and eat. So continue to freely give. Accelerate your giving, so that My blessing in your life may increase as well.”

“Kingdom rule is with the open heart. This is why you must love your enemies. It is also why you must stay close. And the One who teaches you is inside you. Trust in Him and the path laid out for you. He will direct your course. If you will continue to follow Me, you will be astounded by where I take you. You must stay close, so you will know I am your Source, and the One leading you. Now go and leaven the whole lump with what I have given you. Bear one another’s burdens; my children are to be free.”


Excerpt from my book, “In the Counsel of Angels”

Written by Bob Blase



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