Our Cup Overflows

God has things stored up for us.  They are His covenant benefits for His faithful servants.

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At times, we think we are in the wrong place, or we missed it, but actually, we can be in the right place at the right time.  “God has promised that He has assigned us our portion and our cup.”  (Psalm 16: 5)  

Do you believe in divinely appointed moments?   Today, we will learn about Joseph, whom God had divinely appointed him as an agent to bring blessing to the cupbearer in our story.  “The cupbearer and the baker offended their Master…and put them in the same prison where Joseph was confined.”  (Genesis 40: 2-3)  

What is the function of a cupbearer?   The Encyclopedia says An officer of high rank, whose duty it was to serve the wine at the king’s table. On account of the constant fear of plots and intrigues, a person must be regarded as thoroughly trustworthy to hold this position. He must guard against poison in the king’s cup, and was sometimes required to swallow some of the wine before serving it. His confidential relations with the king often endeared him to his sovereignty and also gave him a position of great influence.

What about the baker?  Well, I am not as eager to tell you about him, cause He died.  Joseph had to tell him the truth in interpreting his dream.     

They must have really offended the King to have them removed from the positions.  I wonder what the offense was?    

  • Offenses can be a tool of the enemy to keep us locked up to stay bound.  Release the offender to God.  
  • Guard against this type of poison, and choose to let the offense go.  If we don’t release it, it will become like toxins that poison our bloodstream.   Ask God to wash over you with the cleansing power of His blood, which saves, delivers, and heals.  

The cupbearer and the baker had dreams and were looking for someone to tell them the meaning of the dream.  Joseph said, “Tell me your dreams.”  Then he adds, “Do not interpretations belong to God?”  (Genesis 40:  8)  I love how he doesn’t steal his gift for his own benefit to promote himself.  

  • Interpretations belong to God, but He uses His agents, through whom revelation will come.  

Joseph interprets the dreams and asks the cupbearer to “Remember me and show me kindness, mention me to Pharaoh and get me out of prison.”  (Genesis 40: 14)  

Joseph was asking for favor from the cupbearer but “The cupbearer, however, did not remember Joseph; he forgot him.  (Genesis 40: 23)   He forgot him for two full years!  That’s a long time, yet God knew!  Some of us have been waiting for the Lord to remember our requests; yet, God knows.  

  • Favor from man will never override favor from God.  God shall remember.  

Jesus was given a cup as well.  The cup of suffering Jesus had in His hand, was the cup bearing all of our pain.  Jesus took the cup from the Father’s hand in fulfillment of His mission.  He endured the cup of death, taking the sin of mankind upon Himself.   

Let’s look at the parallels:

  • Restoration came to the Cupbearer, in the Old Testament story.  In three days he was reinstalled back to his position in the service of his master.
  • Resurrection and restoration came to Jesus, after three days.  He was reinstalled back to His position in Heaven.  
  • There are life and death in the cup.  

In life, no matter what happens, we must profess, “How great is your goodness, which you have stored up for those who fear you, which you bestow in the sight of men on those who take refuge in you.”  (Psalm 30: 19)

God has things stored up for us.  They are His covenant benefits for His faithful servants.  “The Lord preserves the faithful…(Psalm 30: 23)  

“You anoint our head with oil; our cup overflows.”  (Psalm 23: 5)  

(Genesis 40, Luke 22: 39-71, Psalm 31, Paraphrased & Modified)





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