Original Intent

A new freedom will be given. See bonds loosed. Foundations must be shaken. Yours for the taking.

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Original intent. It’s not for rent. Its Mine. My Original form. Created and all-purpose was born. Every sphere. Every mountain…formed by Me. Foundations of the deep found their life, indeed. The enemy tried to change it. Rearrange it. From meanings of words to places, to times and seasons. History became a mystery, repeating its crime. Marriages and families were on the chopping block. The church rocked to sleep. Races were vexed, and the sexes, they were hexed…

                  NO MORE!

Turn the page. This is not the final hour. The curse has been reversed. The enemy cannot tower. Watch him run; he won’t hide. As you dig a bit deeper, you will find his roots have shriveled up and simply died.

I’ll show you what is next.

I’m giving you the land. We (you and Me) are taking it back to My original plan…My intent coming to the forefront again. You will see DNA on display and coming back to health- the way it was meant to be. Sons and daughters are coming from afar. Dry, barren places giving way to new graces. Mothers and Fathers taking their places at the helm of their cities and families as priests and kingsthe way it was meant to be. 

Morals will keep their laurels as they find their place in Me. And words…oh words, won’t be used loosely. They have meaning and will be used for what they TRULY mean!

The veil is being removed across the land. Darkness cannot create. Only light can. Watch a new light shine in the grandstands. My intents, plans, and purposes will do what ONLY they can. No substitutes. The earth is giving birth, and My Spirit will renew. A new freedom will be given. See bonds loosed. Foundations must be shaken. Yours for the taking. I will set you free! Original intent- found in Me…the plumb line of My Word brings forth what was ALWAYS meant to be. 



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