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God desires for you to encounter His presence and power so that you can go forth and carry His glory any and everywhere you may go.

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I was recently in the midst of worship at a revival gathering and the Holy Spirit said to me, “The open heavens are here.” I immediately knew that this was a prophetic declaration from the Lord about this season, not just for me but for the body of Christ all over the world. I believe we are living under an open heaven where hot spots and pockets of revival and glory are going to continue to break out all over America and the world. 

For years, prophetic voices have been prophesying about the season we are currently in. The prophecies were about the open heaven we are currently seeing manifested in so many places right now. If we are not walking closely with the Lord in this season, we could miss what He is doing. So let’s allow the Holy Spirit to open our eyes to see the open heavens that are already spread wide over us.

When I think about an open heaven, I think of a portal, an open spot where the glory, power, and presence of God rushes in and the Spirit of God is poured out. When a place or a people experience an open heaven the Kingdom of God is manifested. And when the Kingdom of God begins to manifest, people are saved, healed, delivered, restored, revived, awakened and made whole. If we will position ourselves with the Lord then we will see that the open heavens are not something we need to wait for or even ask for, but they are already here!

Now is the time that God is moving. If you will press into the Lord in this season, you will find yourself right in the middle of what He is doing in the earth. I often hear from people who message me online that they haven’t been able to find a church, ministry, or hub where there is an open heaven. But I believe there are many pockets of revival in America in this hour and I bet there is one within driving distance of any hungry person or family. Make sure you get plugged into a body of believers that are going after the more of God and run with them.

Under an open heaven, anything can happen! And God doesn’t just pour out His Spirit on a group of people or even an individual just for them. No, God desires for you to encounter His presence and power so that you can go forth and carry His glory any and everywhere you may go. Your encounters with God are never just about you. What God does in you, He wants to do through you.

In this season, God is looking for those that will desperately seek Him, those that are unsatisfied with church as normal and are hungry to see His glory and power. I believe the Lord is shifting everything in the church in this season and the word for this hour is that the open heavens are here! No longer will you say I don’t know where to go. There’s no place to go to encounter God because revival and outpouring are spreading to anywhere there are hungry people in this season. 

So, my friends, I hope this word encourages you and I want to challenge you today – stir up your hunger. Stir up your expectation to tap into the open heaven that is already available over your life and your geographical location. The Lord is pouring out in a way that we have never seen before and I believe this is only the beginning. The open heavens are here. No longer will we be able to say they are coming, but we are about to know and experience that they are here!

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Joe Joe is a Kingdom Winds Contributor and a visionary leader who empowers believers to accomplish the call that God has placed inside of them. His heart is to see this nation awakened and for every individual to experience personal revival. God is calling us as believers to a greater depth of intimacy with Him, and Joe's passion is to see that reached.

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