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Transition means a process of change. And there my friends, lies the terrifying word I try to stay far away from—change.

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Transition. In my mind, the things that follow transition are all unknowns and things to be feared. I don’t know about you but I am an enneagram 6 and one of my wrestling points is worry. So words like transition, I would rather steer clear of. But God has a funny way of bringing things to light that need to be worked on, which are also things that will deepen your relationship with Him.

I always love doing the one-word challenge at the beginning of a new year and usually I pick words that have an underlying tone of encouragement and hope, but this year (as much as I tried) the Lord kept bringing me back to transition.

Transition means a process of change. And there my friends, lies the terrifying word I try to stay far away from—change. I can do a process of breakthrough or a process that brings me to something joyous, but change? Really? Change has so many unknowns and unexpected things waiting around the corner. Can some of those things be joyous? Sure! But there can also be a lot of hard stuff as well.

We are about to embark on a huge transition period. Not only are we about to have our second baby boy (our firstborn is only 15 months!) which will be a transition in and of itself. But! We are also doing a big move 4 weeks before his due date and following God’s lead to plant a church. So, okay, we’re moving and having another baby — I can somewhat handle that, but then comes the process of planting a church. Unknowns are all over the place with how God will move through that.

As much as I would love to tell you triumphantly that I have conquered my challenge this year and embraced transition so well… we are only just beginning! I do want to encourage y’all with this — just because something is scary, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth exploring. Craig Groschell has a quote we are clinging to right now and it is, “What you fear the most is where you trust God the least.” And oh, how true those words are.

Lean into Jesus in this new year and new beginning and find those areas that lack trust and faith. But don’t stop there! Find those areas and ask God to do a work that only He can! I promise you, He will come through.



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