One Voice Upon the Wind! 

As the voice continued to speak, something began to happen in the valley.

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Recently, as I awakened, I heard the sound of a rattling and a shaking in the Spirit as if an earthquake was happening in the Spirit realm.

As I continued to listen, I saw a valley filled with bones as if I was reading in the book of Ezekiel. 

As I watched this scene coming forth, everything in the valley was being shaken to its core, rocks broke in pieces, trees were uprooted, and the ground split in many places. As all of this upheaval continued, I began to hear a Voice on the Wind. 

This Voice upon the Wind was declaring the Word of the Lord and as He did everything was shook by the authority and Power of the declaration from this Voice. At first, I thought that it was the Lord’s Voice, but then I realized that the Voice I was Hearing was Like the Sound of Many Waters of Intercession from many people, not just a single Voice, but a Corporate One!

As the Voice continued to speak, something began to happen in the valley. Out of the Ground the Bones came together and stood to their feet as if they had arisen from the dead, but even with that, the Voice continued to declare God’s plans and purposes! 

As I watched I began to see flesh, tendons, ligaments, and sinews come upon the Bones. They stood up, continuing to listen to the Voice upon the Wind. Then I saw the Life of God enter their lungs and they began to breathe His Life within their bodies! They were alive once and now they were alive once more! 

As the Voice continued to speak upon the Wind, (the Word of the Lord), I watched as they heard, (as if for the first time), the Words from the Mouth of the Lord, as He spoke by His Spirit to their hearts and they heard what He was saying to them. 

Once the Word of the Lord connected to their hearts, out of their mouths came the Words which they heard upon the Wind and they began to Prophesy of the Wonders and Mysteries of our God! Then the Voice upon the Wind ceased. 

As this vast group of people stood in the Valley that was intensely shaken I saw new Life emerge from around them and as they Spoke to the earth, the earth responded to them with New Life. 

Many today have felt like the dead, dry bones in this Valley. Everything is uprooted and shook and leveled, but God has another plan for you. He intends to raise you up to become a living breathing, walking extension of His Voice to a dying world! To be given the Life of God to raise you up as if from the dead to be one who gives and declares that Life to others. 

If you are in a place where you feel like your life has ended this morning, THE LORD IS DECLARING RESURRECTION LIFE TO YOU! Listen for the Voice of the Holy Spirit upon the Wind, to revive, rejuvenate and restore you. As He does new purpose and strength will enter your life and He will cause you to stand and declare what He has shared with you. 





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