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Now we learn to love God deeper than ever before. To let Him engulf us in His Love
so that those around us (whether they agree with us or not) know that they are important.

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What is God doing about this current situation with the virus that is taking the world by storm? Is He even paying attention?

And what about the way leadership (world-wide) has responded? Are they responding as they should?

Is this the final preparations before the last days of mankind? Is Jesus returning soon?

We have more questions than answers. It has been this way, however, since man first appeared in the Garden of Eden. We always work in the flesh, looking with our natural eyes to understand what is happening around us.

But God gave us flesh and bones (and eyes) to experience the part of our existence that is here and now. So we have questions that might very well never be answered.

We are inundated with opinions and ideas. How do we fight this in a united front? Is that even possible? Unity, I mean.


“To truly feel God’s Love, I have to USE God’s Love”

But the question remains, where do we go from here? We can be so divided that we seem unreachable in the area of coming together for the fight we have on our hands.

The hatred that America is experiencing now (and the rest of the world as well) for one another is phenomenal. And shaking. The way people are coming at each other proves one of the most important things to be absolutely true…love is the most needed part of our existence.

Bethel Church in Redding, California posted their opinion on the matter way back in the early days of the virus. They said, “The way forward is in humility.” I agree.

I cannot achieve anything if I think I don’t need a mask and force others to feel bad. I cannot achieve anything if I feel unsafe and expect everyone to feel that way as well.

We need to get that. The people around us mean more to God than an opinion on whether or not we should wear a mask.

No, I’m probably not going to take the vaccine. But if someone feels they need to, then, by all means, you should. Not because I think you are weak, but because you are important to me and I won’t risk that relationship because of my opinion. It’s not worth it. If you disagree with me, then, by all means, you are certainly entitled to that. I support and love you in that. But if you feel you need to turn on me because our opinions are different, then you need more God than you thought.


“Because people are important…”

God is love (1 John 4). He exists as Love. It is Who He is. It is how He works. It embodies Him and He embodies it. He is responsible for it existing.

So what now? Now we learn to Love God deeper than ever before. To let Him engulf us in His Love so that those around us (whether they agree with us or not) know that they are important. Their ideas and opinions are important even when we don’t agree. I suppose that will always be a place of contention. If we disagree, that makes us enemies. It doesn’t. And it doesn’t solve anything.

I took a couple of weeks off from social media. It was a great rest that I needed. When I returned, though, nothing had changed. Constant posts filled with hatred. So why bother? Because relationship is so important. I learn what to ignore and what to focus on. Because people are important. Because to truly feel God’s Love, I have to use God’s Love. I have to love others. It is key to knowing His Love. KEY!

Now? We love. We seek ways to love. We go forward, regardless of our opinion, and love people. That’s what we do.

What is God doing? I could go on for days, but He is Spirit and works in the Spirit. To see it, you have to know Him in the Spirit. At that point, it becomes more than we can even begin to fully grasp. But He is not slack…



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