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God is looking for the ones who yield to the Holy Spirit, flowing as He moves.

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Jan 6, 2023

The Synergy of the Ages

Recently, I began to hear and see the word “time.” Now is the time. The winds of change are bringing alignment. The synergy of the ages was a term the Holy Spirit gave me back in the beginning of December. It’s a culmination of prayers from the ages past intersecting with the prayers of now. People have cried out for a great awakening, harvest, for revival. The prayers of these people are still active in earth. It’s because God’s Word never returns back void.

Just like the patriarchs and matriarchs in the book of Hebrews, they believed the promise, held to the promise, and died without seeing the promise. But they always believed to SEE it come to pass. We are now at a crucial moment in time where “the synergy of the ages” is coming together. Synergy is defined as the combined action or operation of two or more things and is more effective and more powerful when combined. The prayers are in conjunction, and because of this, we will begin to see a move of epic proportions of the Holy Spirit. These are the greatest days. May our eyes be open to seeing what God is doing!



It is the reinstatement of proper service to God. To reform something means the act, process, or result of improving something by removing flaws and problems. The church is being aligned strategically at this hour by the hand of the Lord. People are being brought to their divine purpose; movement is happening all over the world. As the heart of man has begun to align himself with the counsel and wisdom of God, He is pouring out His glory in a magnitude of greatness we can’t even begin to comprehend. It is happening in the body of Christ.

Families, marriages, and children are being restored, aligned, and set in order for God’s purpose. The order of marriage and family is being established like never before. There is unity that comes with this plan of Godly order and invades all those who are around. In the personal lives of people, they are transformed like never before. What seemed like something was wrong was simply the setup of God’s divine plan. Reformation is sweeping across the lands! We will see a deep focus on family and time!


2023 is the Year of Mobilization

That we are the “frontlines of defense.” A frontline is defined by a military line formed by the most advanced tactical combat units. It is also the most intense of conflicts/struggles militarily; because it’s the most advanced responsible position on the field. We are mobilizing to the frontlines. It’s a new wineskin. What people did in the past was a “cookie-cutter church.” Cookie cutter, by definition, means: marked by a lack of originality or distinction. That era of time is done. A cookie-cutter church is not the church God is looking for, nor can His Spirit move in these places. They refuse to move by the spirit.

The cookie-cutter church has reservations, places limitations on who God is, and quenches the spirit. God is looking for the ones who yield to the Holy Spirit, flowing as He moves. This mobilization embodies “no reservations and is marked by no limitations.” Nothing will hold the people of God back, not fear, not the fear of man, not the enemy, not personal desire. It is the remnant, God’s chosen people, who hold the frontlines. They will prepare the body, train, equip, oversee, and activate. The Word of God will expand so greatly and even more in the coming years. This year we will see leaders begin to train the body of Christ and send the people out with the mandate of Matthew 10:8, Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, and cast out demons. Freely you have received; freely give.


Eagles will Soar

Prophets will begin to be louder than ever before. God is working and moving among the prophets. Eagles will soar with power. The voice of the prophet will be heard. A fresh wind is moving upon the prophets. There is clarity, vision, and dreams coming on a greater level. They will carry a strong rebuke, and they will carry the power and demonstration of God’s Kingdom. It is imperative that the prophets keep a pure heart, walk in love with the brethren, and live a life of holiness.


There will be an influx of new authors, as many new books are going to be flowing out of people. There will be creative books, food books, children’s books, practical life books, and marriage books written this year by God’s people. The scribe anointing will flow out and be a blessing upon many in and out of the church. The new wave of scribes are here! If you have felt the green light to go, then do it! I see EBooks on the rise, too, as a means to reach people!

It is time to step over the threshold. Last year had many hurdles, avenues, and many highs and lows. It had been a year of testing, refining, purging, setting in order, and establishing. Yet we count it all joy because endurance is important when you are on the frontlines. Endurance shapes your heart. It causes one to have courage in adversity, which is fortitude. God gives you strength where you are weak.

As this year begins, it will usher in a wave of innovation in people’s lives, those who choose to be yoked to Christ. It is “the catapult” that sends people forth into the position that was established before time began.


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Rebekah is a vessel of God and a voice bringing change to a generation needing the love of Jesus. She is commissioned to go out and make disciples of Christ, helping to reform, rebuild, and restore the body of Christ. Rebekah is a prophetic scribe, kingdom entrepreneur, prophetic voice, intercessor, and prophetic psalmist. Rebekah travels with Awakening to Revival Ministries to regions bringing forth change. Her spiritual Mother and Mentor is prophet Madeline James. She lives in Ball, Louisiana with her Husband Marcus and 4 children.

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