No One Warned Me

Now here we are with both of our boys. Both miracles. Both precious. Both so very loved. But my mama heart is overwhelmed.

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Everyone tells you when you have kids, “Don’t blink! They’ll be grown before you know it.” This is so true, but no one warned me about coming home from the hospital with our second kid in tow.

We prayed for two and a half years for our first miracle babe and we were so blown away when we welcomed him into the world. Everything about our lives started revolving around this sweet, precious child. He was a true answer to every prayer.

Eight months later, we were floored at the positive pregnancy test we were holding. Again?! How will we do two kids?… and they’ll both be under two?!? Our minds weren’t quite ready but our hearts sure were.

Now, here we are with both of our boys. Both miracles. Both precious. Both so very loved. But my mama heart is overwhelmed.

No one warned me that my baby boy, my firstborn, would grow into a child overnight when we brought his brother home. It’s hard to put into words how unprepared I was for that moment.

No one warned me he would seem so much taller and seem like he was ready for kindergarten at a year and a half (okay, maybe I’m being dramatic, but he learned, like, so much while we were gone.)

No one warned me that holding that firstborn would bring so many emotions. Before you left for the hospital to have your second baby, he was so little and now coming back he has turned into toddler size right before your eyes.

But sometimes, the beautiful thing about being a mom are the things no one warns you about.

No one warns you how grateful you become to have two precious souls to love and care for.

No one warns you how much joy you get from holding, not one, but two little ones in your arms.

No one warns you how much deeper your relationship with your firstborn grows —all the while beginning a new relationship with your sweet second born.

No one warns you how much love is just spilling over that you can’t comprehend how your heart can hold that much.

No one warns you that, no matter what, that firstborn made you a mama and that second-born is making you better.

I didn’t know I could love my family any more than I did the day I went to the hospital to have our second child. But I’m so glad no one warned me.



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