The NFL 2021 Season Kickoff is Here: The Death of Sports

What was once an exhilarating and entertaining escape from the rigors of daily life has now become emblematic of the darkness that is overtaking our nation.

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OPINION – The National Football League is making final preparations to kick off its 102nd season. Major League Baseball is in the midst of its stretch-run pennant races heading towards October playoffs and the “Fall Classic.” The NBA season is right around the corner.

Sounds exciting, right?

Perhaps in years gone by.

Perhaps in more innocent times when the leagues and their players did not reveal their true hearts and ideologies for all to see.

Perhaps when their energies went towards actually participating in sport rather than promoting propaganda, pushing toxic jabs, rebuking our nation and its values, holding contempt for the fans that have allowed them to live the American dream, accepting blood money from our greatest enemy, and serving as a trojan horse to usher in Marxism.

What was once an exhilarating and entertaining escape from the rigors of daily life has now become emblematic of the darkness that is overtaking our nation. The joy has been stolen.

We are approaching the midnight hour—the point of no return to preserve our great republic and the foundational Rock it was built upon.

It’s time to take a stand. It’s time to take a sober, strong, and meaningful stand.

For me, a life-long sports fanatic, rejecting sports feels like a death of sorts—but something that I know is critically necessary. The impact of witnessing empty football stadiums over the past couple of years has sparked the seemingly antithetical mixed emotions of being sad and quite pleased at the same time.

Get rid of your tickets and sports packages. Stop buying jerseys, caps, and all the other pricey merchandise. Try to avoid watching altogether as it only draws you back in like the enemy—perhaps because it is he who is behind the corruption and perversion of what was intended for enjoyment.

What was once entertainment and embodied the American spirit of healthy competition and camaraderie is now toxic. Sports have become a tool of the enemy.

We are living in an age where a Communist regime has seized control of our nation through an illegitimate puppet administration and the wholesale purchase of people and entities across all seven mountains. In fact, it is right in our face like we have never experienced before as a nation. Sports leagues celebrating and supporting an organization founded by known Marxists, despite its purposely misleading name suggesting virtue, is an absolute affront to “We the People.”

We must remove all support for these “entertainers.” We must stop enabling the tools of the enemy. It is now or never.

Maybe I am simply unaware, but I have not witnessed many tailgate parties, fantasy football shows, or breathless, giddy pre-game shows in Communist countries.

Perhaps everyone needs to think long and hard about that—and consider how failing to take a stand now might manifest in a very short period of time right here in this nation.


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