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In this season, more than ever before, it will be obvious who is walking closely with the Lord and who is not.

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The Lord spoke to me recently and just simply said, “New seasons.” If you think about seasons in the natural there are always obvious changes that happen as one season shifts into the next. As winter turns to spring, the temperature starts to rise, grass begins to grow again and flowers start to bloom. When seasons change, we also change our wardrobes. You wouldn’t want to be wearing shorts in the winter. You also wouldn’t want to be wearing a heavy coat in the summer, especially in Texas!

Just as we change and shift with the seasons in the natural, we should also shift and change with the seasons in the spirit. Many end up disappointed or disillusioned simply because they do not know how to transition from one spiritual season to the next. We must know how to navigate each season God brings us in and out of. When the Lord shifts you from one season to the next, the grace for that particular season will lift. This is so that we will be willing to shift into the new season and assignments God has for us.

It is so important that in this hour the people of God lean into the Lord and learn to navigate new seasons. Transitions are often difficult and are not always smooth. As seasons change, things and relationships that were once perfectly fine may start to be frustrating. Times of transition can, unfortunately, be times where different situations and relationships can go wrong and many misunderstandings can take place. When you sense God is shifting you into the next season, do not become rigid or frustrated with those around you. Instead, pay close attention to the season God has you in and be willing to shift into the new season He has for you. To navigate spiritual seasons well a higher level of discernment and deeper intimacy with God is vital or you will be led astray.

It is so important in this hour for every believer to flow with the Lord and to embrace the new seasons on the horizon. As things continue to shift and change those who are unwilling to get in the flow with God will suffer and may even lose out on what God has for them.

However, those who are moving forward, progressing, and advancing with the Lord will experience some of the most powerful seasons of their lives. In this season, more than ever before, it will be obvious who is walking closely with the Lord and who is not.

Those in the flow with God will operate in the supernatural. They will see miracles, signs, and wonders become a part of their everyday life.

Several years ago, many prophetic voices were prophesying a shift. At the time, I don’t think anyone could have known the extent to which things would shift and change as God brought about a new season. Things have shifted and changed drastically in America and the nations of the world. In this new season, the global church, political realm, morality, culture, and economy of the nations look completely different than they did just a few seasons ago. Pay attention to what the Lord is doing and saying so that you can step into the new season with Him!


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