New Information Validates How We are Being Scammed About COVID-19

Wonder about those suddenly surging COVID case counts? The answer has a lot more to do with data manipulation and sleight-of-hand than increased infection.

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OPINION – As the media continues to ramp up the volume and tempo of its Coronavirus fear-mongering, governors and mayors have stepped up restrictions and lockdowns. The latest talking point narrative centers on the perceived spike of new COVID cases.

Ironically, on Independence Day—a national holiday meant to celebrate our nation’s freedom and liberties—much of our population is being met with increasing mandates and constraints. Beyond beaches and bars, some are even experiencing imposed limitations on family backyard barbecues.

I wrote a piece a few days ago that primarily detailed how misleading numbers were being used to further the Plandemic agenda, so I will avoid reiterating those points in detail. I invite you to read that post:

Governors, Mayors, Mr. Vice President, and Mr. President: We Continue to be Misled with the COVID Data

Since publishing that article, more evidence has come to light that is even more damning and further validates the notion that saboteurs are clearly working an evil agenda.

The newly emerged findings this week address two of the key enablers of the Plandemic beyond the pathogen itself:

  • COVID Data; and
  • COVID Treatment.

Hard evidence has emerged showing that, over the past few weeks, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and various state health departments have radically changed how COVID cases are counted. These changes have caused a dramatic impact on the key data being used to track and assess the Pandemic.

The data was already being used in various ways to present a false narrative as I detailed earlier in the week. The new findings figuratively inject steroids into those already shady practices that present a potentially exponential increase.

It seems clear that this data is being even further manipulated to support this false narrative, fear-monger, and advance an agenda. Here is a quote from my previous piece that speaks to what saboteurs have to gain:

“…the saboteurs are now doubling down on COVID fear-mongering to stifle economic recovery, inhibit a return to normalcy, push for a dystopian vaccine, keep churches empty, demonize red states, remove liberties, enable election manipulation, hide Biden in the basement, score political points—and ultimately work to remove President Trump from office.”

Additionally, the available medical treatment has been hamstrung by saboteurs discrediting and blocking the one highly effective treatment. A new study validates it’s efficacy and exposes the shameful, even wicked false narrative and actions of the media, blue governors and mayors, and our federal medical agencies.


In the shadows and without any public disclosure, the CDC quietly adjusted its COVID data methodologies. Considering the dramatic impact of these changes, it would seem virtually certain that these changes had to have been directed, overseen, and/or approved by the agency’s medical advisor triumvirate—Dr. Robert Redfield, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Dr. Deborah Birx.

In essence, the bar was radically lowered. In track and field terms, the high jump bar was reduced from Division 1 collegiate levels to that found at your local La Petite Academy Pre-K playtime.

Although testing has dramatically increased for a number of reasons—it is no longer even necessary to test, let alone test positive. For instance, if someone has a cough and lives in Texas, that person is counted as a new COVID case. In fact, any person with a single select symptom or combination of two symptoms in a designated state, city, or county—is now tallied as a COVID case.

Additionally, the CDC guidelines direct that both positive antigen AND antibody tests should be counted as COVID cases. So, someone who had the virus and recovered is being counted as a new case—again.

It is very difficult to interpret these changes as anything but an absolute fraud perpetrated on the American people. These “medical experts” surely understand the extreme ramifications of these changes.

Some reports have surfaced that the same patient is counted as a new case every time they test positive. For instance, before a COVID patient can be returned to a nursing home, that person must register two consecutive negative tests. Until then, every positive test is reported as a new case.

Also, there are other accounts of medical workers, after having noticed a suspicious rise in positive test results, submitting batches of unused swabs and receiving positive results.

All the while, the media gleefully jack up the numbers on its ominous COVID Death-O-Meters and tout new all-time highs!

COVID Treatment

Doctors have had very little in their medical tool kit to treat COVID. As word spread that many doctors here and abroad were finding success with a regimen involving a cheap, safe drug called Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)—a frantic effort ensued to discredit, discourage, and subvert its use.

Dr. Fauci dismissed any positive reports as anecdotal and unproven, while shifting the focus to lucrative vaccines and another experimental drug with little impact. All the while, patients died.

The media and blue state governors took it further—portraying the drug as highly dangerous and blocking its use, respectively. They both cited two “anecdotal” studies that popped up—both of which have now proven to be highly flawed and fraudulent.

The FDA used those same studies to cast shade on the use of HCQ. Incredibly, despite both negative studies being debunked, and the presence of other positive studies, the FDA has allowed the dark cloud to remain over its use.

Yesterday, a new study was released demonstrating clear benefit in using HCQ. It also should be noted that although the study did not examine the combination of HCQ with zinc, there is a growing body of evidence showing that this regimen yields the best results, especially when administered early.

It is way past time that this becomes the standard of care. It seems pretty clear that discriminately prescribing this regimen early on might largely stop the pandemic in its tracks.

In regard to the notion of a sinister agenda or conspiracy being at play, some of you might ask, “Why?” What is the purpose and objective of the agenda?

Many have connected the dots to trace its roots to hatred for and the desire to destroy the United States in pursuit of a biblical one world order—or the “New World Order“ as championed by President George H.W. Bush at his inauguration.

Those words were significant because his term represented the beginning of an era of globalist Presidents that ran until God offered us an opportunity to heal our land with the election of Donald J. Trump. Every administration after Reagan, until the current one, all shared in furthering this anti-American agenda to fundamentally transform this nation—as yet another President audaciously and outwardly proclaimed at his own inauguration.

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