New Beginnings

Over the years, I’ve learned that even when words may feel imminent, they have a process.

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“This is all about new beginnings and fresh starts,” my friend on the other end of the phone line said this morning. I nodded my head as I confirmed that back to her. Spring always has the feel of that to me, but even more this year.

Many times when prophetic words come my way, I get excited about the fulfillment. Yet, a heart deferred makes the heart sick, right? Many times it seems to take forever for God to fulfill those words or maybe we have lost hope of things ever changing.

Over the years, I’ve learned that even when words may feel imminent, they have a process. Much of that process is happening in me to get me ready for the fulfillment of it. Without the process, I would not be mature enough, strong enough to handle the fulfillment.

Kind of like the butterfly in a cocoon. When the caterpillar forms that cocoon, there is hope on the other side, the promise to be fulfilled. While encapsulated inside that dark, cramped space there is a lot going on. The caterpillar’s body basically goes into mush, is taken apart, and reformed (rebirth, if you will) into a completely different creature altogether.

I have been in those seasons of cocoons before. In fact, recently the Lord asked me to go into another season of digging deep with Him into some very painful places, of choosing to love even when it is extremely vulnerable and hard. It has felt dark again, pulled apart again. Yet I know from experience now that there is something beautiful awaiting me on the other side of it when I burst forth anew.

When we receive our rebirth through Christ at the cross, we begin this process of renewing. We are in fact reborn, but then we enter into the process of renewing our mind, our will, our emotions to His purposes and will.

Then comes the day of the butterfly emerging, of the promises fulfilled. If someone cuts open the cocoon in order to help the butterfly break out, denying the creature its natural process of the push, the butterfly will not be strong enough to fly, and thus dies.

We don’t always understand prophecies or promises, but even more than that for me the timing of the fulfillment of them. Believing and trusting God for the fulfillment of His word is our work in the pushing. We can’t help God bring it to pass any other way.

It is time! The season for promises fulfilled is here.




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