Nations Under the Weight of God’s Glory

I saw the powers of darkness that covered the nations being slowly crushed under the heavy weight of God’s falling Glory.

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During my prayer time recently, I was overwhelmed with a heavy burden for The Nations.

As I began to cry out to The LORD, suddenly The LORD spoke to me saying, ”Fear not… be still and know that I AM God!”

As I heard Him speak those Words, I was suddenly caught up in The Spirit Realm and I heard Him say, ”Daughter, what do Nations look like under The Weight of My Glory?”

As I heard those Words, the Words, “Weight of My Glory” hit me like an unexpected wave. A wave of His Power and Authority suddenly hit me, and I instantly fell on my face, and as I hit the floor, I heard the Words, ”Look….” and a deeper Realm of The Spirit opened up to me, where I could see The Nations.

I first saw my own Nation the United Kingdom, and then the nation of the United States of America, then the nations of Africa, and AsiaAustralia and the islands of the earth, and again I heard the Words, ”Look and look again….” and suddenly I saw The Glory of The LORD beginning to fall upon The Nations.

The presence of His Glory was so tangible, that I was unable to move a muscle.

Suddenly I saw nations being covered by the Light of His Glory, but then I saw that The Glory of The LORD carried “weight” and as I watched, The Weight of His Glory falling upon nations, I saw the powers of darkness that covered the nations being slowly crushed under the heavy weight of His falling Glory.

I saw great chaos and upheaval beginning to take place. I saw Nations being shaken violently, boundaries of nations were suddenly being uprooted and realigned, great mountains and deep valleys were being leveled and filled, the waters of the seas were being violently stirred up, great earthquakes and tsunamis began to erupt and break out.

I saw whole cities within Nations being utterly demolished and destroyed. I watched as famous landmarks across many Nations were suddenly leveled and shattered to pieces. I saw great forests become wastelands and man-made dams breaking their banks, and even some bridges falling into the seas.

I saw multitudes of people running to and fro across the earth looking for a hiding place.

But… as the weight of His Glory fell upon Nations, suddenly I saw what looked like a divine demolition taking place over Nations.

I saw demonic strongholds that held regions and territories coming crashing down. I saw satanic thrones of darkness being overthrown and overturned.

And then I heard these Words, ”When The Weight of My Glory falls upon The Nations, only that which has been built by My Hands shall be left standing.

For now, The Weight of My Glory is falling upon The Nations to uproot and tear down, to build and to plant, for a time of great Reset and Kingdom Reformation is now taking place over The Nations.

The Weight of My Glory shall crush the works of darkness and shall raise up a Standard against the rising flood of wickedness and witchcraft that seeks to swallow up a great harvest of souls!”

A simultaneous move of Judgement and Harvest taking place at the same time!



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