Nate Johnson: I Heard the Lord say “I’m Wrapping Up the Season!”

It’s the midnight before the dawning of the new day where either God moves or you fail. 

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Recently in worship, I heard the Lord say “I’m wrapping it up!” and I saw a calendar in front of me of launch dates with no ends.

I knew these were the transition seasons for those who said Yes to the Lord in the last 2 -3 years and have been in limbo with no end yet in sight. 

Then next I saw a book open before me to a chapter called “Midnight miracles” and I realized it was the end of the chapter we are in right now where we see the hand of God moving in miraculous power and providence. 

I know that for many it has felt like there are still so many pieces in the air and like at this stage of the journey there are more unknowns and more unfinished business than when they began.

Many have given up hope not knowing that this is a crucial moment where the dots begin to connect and the season is brought to an end. 

So many have been in this transition for so long and have not been able to put their bags down and settle but soon all the groundwork of this transition will be done so the next chapter can begin. 

Let me say that again, your next chapter needs to begin. Even right now at those words you can feel the grief of the long season of battles and breaking new ground coming to the surface. 

“What does a new chapter even look like?” you may be saying. This limbo has been your present reality but it’s not your future. This is just the setup, the foundations for something glorious. 

Where are we at? We are right now in the tension of breakdown and breakthrough. It’s the place where God is bringing finalization and resolution to the areas that are incomplete and it’s also the place where the enemy wars at your doorstep to pull you into breakdown. 

It’s the midnight before the dawning of the new day where it feels the bleakest and where either God moves or you fail. 

Do you feel it? Everything is trying to tempt you to cave in to defeat – constant difficult circumstances and fires to put out, demonic distractions, and exhausting situations to keep you in the hamster wheel of survival instead of seeing the end of this with a fresh heart and victory. 

Victory? But nothing adds up? No, not yet. But it’s coming. Let God do the math. You just need to press into Him and reject the fear and hopelessness. 

But just as there is pressure to breakdown is all around you right now, you need to know that the pressure of BREAKTHROUGH is pressing into you greater! 

God is finishing what He started in you. He is tying up the loose ends and ushering you OUT of the transition chapter of struggle you have been in and into the next phase of your journey – the creating, building, and establishing phase. 

You need to know right now that;

  • God is more involved in this moment than you can see.
  • His miracle-working power is at work. You can take your hands off. 
  • He is going to repay what was stolen and balance the account of this past season. 
  • He is going to finish what He started. 
  • Closure is not failure, it’s the winding-up roll call because new chapters require a fresh slate. 
  • If you need to break down, do it at his feet because He will build you from the ground up.
  • The Father is so proud of you. This hasn’t been an easy transition season and you didn’t think you would make it, but you did! 
  • If God is for you then who can be against you? Watch Him vindicate you! 
  • God is shutting the doors where warfare and chatter have come at you. 
  • Watch as fresh creativity and dreams begin to come even before the new chapter begins. 



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