My King: The Chalice of Tribute

‘Twas a time of the Knight. When quests and fables abound. When man fought to live and lived for conquest. A time of trolls and dragons. Such lore that stirred the heart to seek out the truth.

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I have just released my sixth book. Here’s a little bit about it:


My King

My King: The Chalice of Tribute is an unusual book, a straying from what is normally published. It is a harkening back to a time when words and prose were more elegant and pointed. I will be completely honest with you, My King is a beautiful story, but it will force you to read intensely and with focus. I believe that is what makes it stand apart.

With considerable integrity, I add that I do not grandstand my work lightly. It is a difficult thing for me. However, this book is a great piece. Not because I have written it but because I feel it is a tremendous gift from a generous God. One that He has allowed me the honor of putting my name upon.

Following is an excerpt from My King. As I have suggested in the forward of the book, read this with a little Celtic melody in the background. Perhaps even a shire soundtrack. Of your own choosing, of course. Sets the mood. Enjoy…



“The evening air was light, and the sun sat the color of oak leaves turning in the time of the Fall. Yellows, golds, and luxurious reds. I watched upon the far city. A nice comfortable inn would be a pleasure for the aches that my person now endured. I fathomed that I needed a less conspicuous approach. I had rested long enough. With my contemporary confederate off seeking ichorous sustenance, I decided to make another attempt at the savage withstanding us from passage. I looked upon my faithful Longwise as I wrenched myself from the log. A lance would be an asset at this time, but I was without.

I took to my saddle and reared the animal to gallop back up the road from the bridge. Just a simple distance for a superior charge. And charge I did! I leaned low into the nap of Longwise and put him strongly into the wind. My aim was the monumental forehead of my opponent. It beckoned me as the sirens beckon to the sailor on the coastal escarpments and precipices. And just as fool hardy and treacherous.

My straight sword still in its scabbard, I impelled forward, ever expeditious, ever fastened upon my quarry. This epoch, however, he was even more aware of. My presence and my stratagem. Disregarding the barefaced certainties, I trudged forward determined to spoliate the ire of my apperception and inhibitor of my quest. I was beyond reckless, introspective that my determination and irrational action would over-come the swine. As though that madcap maneuver alone was all I required to bring this folly to his knees, wherewith I could remove the atrocious capitulum and claim the first victory upon my quest. Yet, I had no gimmick nor tactic upon my arrival.  And, much to my dismay, I had momentarily done just that. I was upon him.

With no reasoning afore the traipse at the demon, I pulled the pedigreed blade loose and dove but a single measure from Longwise into the fray before me.”

Sir Meritus is a knight on a quest. He is met with many foul and difficult obstacles. Joining him on this journey (other than his trusty steed, Longwise) is Sir Caducus, a knight of another kingdom. They form a bond that will be tested time and again. Throughout their travels together, Caducus proves to be a trusted friend. A man of integrity. One of honesty. Yet one of frailties. And Sir Meritus questions why he is such. Of which Caducus only replies that it is because of “My King.”


Back Synopsis

 “‘Twas a time of the Knight. When quests and fables abound. When man fought to live and lived for conquest. A time of trolls and dragons. Such lore that stirred the heart to seek out the truth.

“I was upon my first quest. To seek that which was denied many afore myself. Yet I found far more than that which was within my quest. I found one who would fight with me. Who would teach me, though I be stubborn of it. One who would not fold about when the heart screeched of fear.

“He and I would build a friendship that was unbreakable. And through that I would see from Whom he found his fortitude. He went about, all that he was, good and strong, all he had, all he proclaimed, always, always he spoke such. “’Tis not I, but yea, ‘tis My King.””

Follow Sir Meritus as he seeks the Chalice of Tribute. An adventure that will take you along with him and his new cohort, Caducus, through perils unimagined with beasts of legend, criminals of no good repute, and young maidens in distress to find that the greatest quest does not end with a simple trinket.


If you would like to know more, click here to find the book and here for the e-book on Amazon.

Thank you for your support. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know if you want a signed copy!



Featured Image By Nik Shuliahin

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