My Experience in DC on January 6th

It was all so surreal, as I stood between the Capitol building and the Washington Monument, watching and praying, trying to discern, and understand it all. 

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My husband and I, together with some friends, went to DC with the intent to pray for our nation, election integrity, and government leaders. The crowd was epic.  It was body to body, everywhere. Millions it seemed.  The atmosphere was charged with hope, unity, and peace. After we heard the President speak we all headed over to the Capitol building. It was an emotional and inspirational walk over. The weight of the moment was not lost on so many of us there. We walked, we prayed, and we contemplated the gravity of what was/is unfolding before us. 

We were standing in front of the Capitol, even as the media started reporting about “the dangerous mob and riots”.  We were not upfront so couldn’t see certain details, but we did have a broader view perspective.  As usual, the corporate media lies and exaggerates the scope of what occurred and who was responsible. It wasn’t Trump supporters who breached the Capitol.  It was Antifa. The proof is in the videos and pictures FB and Twitter are censoring, and the eye witness accounts of those who were closer.

Let me back up a minute. The Capitol building is OUR building. A building of “We The People”.  Our leaders are not our rulers, but rather public servants. They work for us, we don’t work for them.  That said, it was Antifa dressed as Trump supporters, who walked right thru us in the crowd, some we suspected in real-time, who may have been those that vandalized and stormed the Capitol. Sadly, the police let them in and walked along with them. Once Antifa stormed the Capitol some Trump supporters did peaceably enter their own Capitol building. They also left peaceably when directed to do so. 

While on the mall lawn we heard what sounded like 3 gunshots, 2 together and one about 20 minutes later. Now we know that was tear gas. We eventually did smell it and of course, there was a sudden and heavy police presence all around us. We saw men walking away from the Capitol who looked “interesting”, I’ll leave it at that.  

It was all so surreal, as I stood between the Capitol building and the Washington Monument, watching and praying, trying to discern, and understand it all. 

We stayed and prayed until we all felt prompted to head to the metro, and at that point, we got the phone alerts that DC imposed a 6 pm curfew. We were not surprised at all by what was happening around us. We anticipated “they” would clear the crowd and get back to the sabotage of our election. Sure enough, at 6:30 pm, they reconvened to finish the steal. 

It’s a sober time in the life of our nation. The political spirit and the religious spirit are the same spirit and/or work in tandem. These are clashing overhead and around us right now. Discern and test the spirits, folks. Be still and know that He is God. 

Ultimately, our hope is in the King of another Kingdom. Keep your eye single. Guard your hearts, and, for lack of a better word, be sure you are tuning into the frequency of Heaven and not Hell. May the plans of the Lord prevail. 

I personally do not believe this is over. In the days ahead, rest, pray, and look up. He is faithful. A present help in time of trouble.


City Conditions

All porta-potties in the area were removed except a few on Constitution Avenue. We heard from others that they saw the removal happen Tuesday afternoon. The result was waiting “in line”, which was waiting in the crowd for 3.5 hours to use a porta-potty. It never happened for so many, including us. 

Men, women, and children were forced to urinate in bushes and trees, behind buildings at the base of the Washington Monument, in circles of strangers who hid them for privacy behind American flags, etc.  This seemingly planned inconvenience did not seem to discourage but served only to strengthen the resolve of the people in attendance, encouraging camaraderie and unity.  

At the end of the day, we weren’t black, white, Chinese, or other ethnicities. We weren’t Republican or Democrat. We were Americans, human beings, who all deserved dignity and respect. 



Written by Colleen Schumer

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