My Dream – A Tough Pill to Swallow

We need to repent for areas where we are exchanging His glory for self-worship and idols.

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In a recent dream, I entered a large ‘public’ venue of some sort where many un-churched / lost, but hungry people were gathering to see what all the ‘buzz’ was about concerning what we in the church and modern Christianity call the ‘Glory’.   (For those of you who may not understand what is meant by the glory,– suffice it to say its the realm where Christ is king- the ‘realm where heaven manifests on Earth, the weighty presence of God is tangible and the supernatural, miraculous displays of God are in evidence).   

So in my dream, as people curiously gathered in mass to join in a worship gathering in order to experience the ‘worship of Jesus ‘ and to experience his kingdom of Glory, I recognized something very terrible.  I suddenly discerned that all of those leading the worship were operating in a mocking spirit.  They couldn’t see it, but I could hear the demons in the dream laughing through them,  mocking the curious people, and ruthlessly mocking Jesus.  Next, I saw a dark cloud (that I knew was a frequency) coming over the crowd and I knew it would block people from seeing Jesus or experiencing his presence. 

I asked the Lord in the dream, “why are the worship leaders who are singing all the right words, releasing this mocking spirit, and this evil frequency?”  Then instantly I knew by God’s Holy Spirit that these worship leaders were not truly worshiping Jesus, they were consumed with their own beauty and talent. It is hard to explain but I actually physically began to see their thoughts, and they were gross and dark towards God.  Their thoughts were beginning to align with the suggestions of the demons.  They were singing worship songs to God, but they were despising him, considering themselves better and greater than He is.  

As this began to happen, I saw that many in the crowd who were unbelievers, but curious and hungry, also began to come under the dark cloud / a mocking frequency.  They too grew puffed up in their hearts considering God foolish, and themselves better without any need for him.    Instantly as I watched this happen in the dream, I ran to an ‘upper room’ to pray.  I said, “God, If you can just fill me with your spirit right now, I will open my mouth and roar- for I am a glory carrier, and your glory will overcome the mocking frequency!”  

The dream ended as I began to repent for any area of known or unknown sin and asked God to fill me up!     

Some take-away’s from the dream: 

 1) How often do we as Christian’s claim to offer people the kingdom of glory, but because of self-consumption, and self-focus, we are actually releasing a frequency that mocks God?!   

2) We should not be so flippant about what we call the ‘Glory of God’. The world is hungry for the king of glory, but when we offer them an artificial version, it is the alignment with demons and mocking spirits.  

3) We are glory carriers…  we need to repent for areas where we are exchanging His glory for self-worship and idols of lesser things. But to know by His glory we are atmosphere changers!



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