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It’s important that we commend the grace that each carries and strive towards building each other up in love – as each part does its work!

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I taught recently on the 7 Gifts of the Father out of Romans 12 (Prophet, Servant, Teacher, Exhorter, Giver, Ruler, and Mercy). These “gifts of grace” are given to each of us at birth and greatly affect how we process life and relationships. Through the years of pastoral ministry, Bobby and I have seen many frustrations between believers because they don’t recognize the gift that is motivating someone else. As we have taught on this, we have found greater joy and collaboration in our ministry because we’ve learned how “each part” is doing its intended work (“not everyone thinks like me”?!)

For example, my primary gift is Leader/Ruler. Even though I am a commissioned Prophet, my greatest motivation is to lead others to truth – not necessarily to prophesy. For someone who’s gifted as a Teacher, their primary motivation is to get all the details right. This can drive a Prophet crazy because a Prophet tends to be more intuitive and won’t always connect the dots – and a Leader/Ruler will bypass some of the details in order to fulfill the larger vision. None of these perspectives are right or wrong – they’re just different! You can see that understanding how a person is motivated/graced by the Lord can help us relate to one another in a more redemptive way.

I once had an editor who I was convinced had a religious spirit because he flagged almost every prophetic word I wrote. The Lord showed me it was his teaching gift that compelled him to a high standard of excellence in the details. He wasn’t trying to discredit my prophetic instincts – he was just motivated to be biblically accurate. Once I realized this and was able to share my own heart and motivation with him, we were able to collaborate more effectively to find the spirit of the word and not just the letter of the word.

Rather, speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ, from whom the whole body, joined and held together by every joint with which it is equipped, when each part is working properly, makes the body grow so that it builds itself up in love. (Ephesians 4:15-16 ESV)

It sounds rather simplistic, but you’d be surprised how much our gifting influences us. Especially with those we live and work with, it’s important that we commend the grace that each carries and strive towards building each other up in love – as each part does its work!

I encourage you to watch the 35-minute teaching below. Aso, click on the link below for some additional resources you might find helpful in discovering your own gifts and learning how to recognize them in others:

OUTLINE of all the Redemptive/Motivational Gifts
(includes additional video links and Questionnaire)





A call has gone out this week to pray for President Trump concerning his safety and the counsel he is receiving. I wrote this prayer back in 2019, but it is still highly relevant and powerful. A PDF version of this prayer is available for download HERE. This prayer is also included in my book, PRAYER THAT SPARKS NATIONAL REVIVAL

Heavenly Father, we come today as the body of Christ in this nation, to lift up our President, Donald J. Trump. As many voices rise up against this one You have set into office, we lift up our voices, with one heart and mind, to stand in agreement with heaven’s purposes concerning our nation. (Ps 133) We stand by this President who has declared this nation to be under God’s rule and authority and acknowledge righteousness and justice to be the foundations of Your throne. (Ps 89:14)

We welcome and embrace the fear of the Lord as the standard for all righteous rule and repent for the ways in which we have bowed to the fear of man. (Prov 29:25) Cleanse our hearts and renew our minds that we may walk in the light of Your truth. (Ps 43:3) We ask that President Trump would delight in the fear of the Lord in order to walk in the power of Your might and the wisdom of Your ways. (Mic 3:8) May righteousness and faithfulness be his portion so that he may render righteous judgments according to Your Word. (Is 11:3-5)

We ask that President Trump would show no fear toward the evil that assails him (Is 8:12-13), but rather overcome it with a zeal and passion for Your laws which bring life and liberty to all. (Pr 10:29-32) May he love Your Word and seek your wisdom diligently (Pr 8:17), remaining open and teachable to godly counsel and heaven’s wisdom. (Pr 1:7) We thank You that his heart is in Your hands and that You will direct it according to Your will and purpose. Grant him increased grace and blessing as he heeds your voice and obeys Your word. (Pr 21:1)

We declare over President Trump that he will have true judgments by the Spirit and not according to man. (Is 11:3-4) We declare that he will possess heaven’s knowledge with shrewdness of mind in making right decisions for the good of the people. (Pr 8:12-16) Fill his mouth with good things (Pr 16:9-13) that he may speak what is true and right. (Pr 8:6-11) We pray that he will use his God-given authority to execute justice and establish righteousness in this land for the sake of Your glory and Kingdom. (Gen 49:10, Ps 60:7) We declare that he will rule in this midst of his enemies, not backing down or wavering due to threats or intimidation (Ps 110:1-2, Eph 6:13). May his ears become deaf to the assaults from his enemies and may those who seek his life answer to You for their wicked ways. May he know that it is Your hand and Your sovereign purpose that is keeping him and sustaining him in his divine commission. (Ps 38:12-15)

Keep President Trump and those who serve him, safe from the enemy’s snares and free from the accuser’s traps. (Ps 141:9-10) By Your great hand, Lord, deal with those who oppose righteousness and justice so that all men will know it is You alone who is sovereign and true. (Ps 64:6-9) May the fire of Your presence burn up all Your enemies and consume all those who stand against You concerning our destiny and inheritance as one nation under God. (Ps 97:1-6)

Thank you, Father, for hearing our prayers and empowering us as Kingdom ambassadors on the earth. From the highest office in the land to the least known among men, may we all seek to know You more intimately, serve You more passionately, and praise You more fully so that all men will know, You alone are God. Through the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.



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