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If you are going to do great exploits for God, you must have the tenacity, grit, and perseverance to keep moving forward. 

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I recently had a unique prophetic dream that I believe carries a crucial message for the body of Christ in this season. In my dream, I saw a large group of people going up a set of very steep concrete stairs that led to a looming structure like a monument or important building. Every person was going up the steps excitedly and with looks of joy on their faces. I was going up the steps with the crowd and then when I was about a third of the way up the stairs, I missed a step and fell. I hit my shin and noticed right before I got back up that many of the people that had been in front of me or around me at the beginning were no longer there. The crowd of people had thinned out quite a bit. But I got back up and slowly started running back up the steps. Then a few people ahead of me missed a step and fell just like I had. I looked on either side of me as I continued forward and there were people sitting down, grabbing their knees or shins that had also clearly fallen because they missed a step but they were still down. Those that were still down were telling everybody around them how badly they were hurting from their fall.

However, as I kept going up the stairs, those who were still going as well were still excited and looked full of joy. I could feel my knee and my shin still hurting in the dream from my fall, but the excitement to keep going and reach the top overrode that pain, and I was motivated to keep going. Then as I, and several others, reached the top, I turned to look behind me and those that had been sitting complaining about their fall or their pain saw us at the top. One by one, they started to rise and started coming up the steps again. You could tell seeing those at the top gave them hope to get up and keep going.

The message of this dream is so simple yet so powerful. In life, as we go after what God has called us to do, sometimes we miss a step, but we’ve got to keep going. These were not stumbles, no one had done anything wrong, they simply missed a step and got knocked down. However, when you miss a step- when something doesn’t look the way you thought or when something takes longer than you expected- you can’t let your pain paralyze you.

You’ve got to just brush yourself off, set your focus on what’s ahead of you and push through the pain, my friends. Unfortunately, not everyone who starts will finish. Many allow disappointment or trials to knock them down and keep them down. In my many years in ministry, I’ve mentored and encouraged many individuals in what God was calling them to do. Some have continued to thrive and go after God despite setbacks and obstacles and others have allowed those things to take them out.

I want to encourage you today to be a person of perseverance, especially in this season. Don’t let a missed step keep you from reaching your God-given destiny. No one has a perfect walk. The Bible says there is no one perfect, no not one. Only God is perfect and there will be difficult things and missed steps in your walk with Him. We have all missed a step. We have all experienced disappointment and the pain that comes from things not going how we thought they would.

I have had spiritual mentors in my life completely turn their back on me and walk away after many years of relationship. I have spiritual sons and daughters that I love deeply who have betrayed me. I have had many situations not turn out the way I thought they would. I know what it’s like to have pain and disappointment from a missed step. However, I never allow myself to stay down. I never allow myself to shift my focus from where I am going with God. If you are going to do great exploits for God, you must have the tenacity, grit, and perseverance to keep moving forward. 

Be a person that does not just start but one that finishes. If you have missed a step, just get back up and keep going! This is a powerful season and God is looking for those that will run their race He has set before them with perseverance. I would not trade my journey for anything because it had led me to where I am now. I know I am exactly where God wants me to be and I am headed for where He is leading me. So, keep going, my friends. Be a person that others can look to in order to find hope and inspiration to keep climbing!


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