Miracles Are Increasing— Get Ready To Experience The Miraculous!

Expect a miracle, expect the help of angels, expect to see God move in a way that no man can take credit for!

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Just this week alone I have seen many reports of the miraculous happening but I also experienced a miracle. Last night as I sat in awe of my personal miracle— I felt the Spirit of God say that unprecedented miracles will be seen more and more with each passing month.

In a time that most of us have been touched by the death of someone we love or someone we know— and reports of sickness and tragedy fill our social media feeds— we truly are desperate to see the reports of miracles begin to replace those of disease and death.

I will share my miracle, to begin with. Some of you know that I have been dealing with lung issues. But what you don’t know is how severe they had gotten. During our packing and then cross country move I was not only coughing severely but I was having great difficulty breathing. When we arrived at our new house the breathing got even worse and it was accompanied by severe pain in my chest (I could barely talk at all and honestly began to wonder if my heart was affected due to pain on the left side of my chest). I planned to go to urgent care but it has a long wait— just like the ER. On Sunday the pain in my chest and lack of breath had reached a threshold that was pretty severe and honestly I should have gone to the hospital. My husband went to church and I stayed home to rest. While I was home there came a moment when I was sitting on our sofa and suddenly it felt like something had touched me and an immediate and deep sleepiness came upon me (almost like when you receive anesthesia). I laid down and fell asleep. When I woke up about thirty minutes later I could talk and breathe deep breaths for the first time in weeks. The severe pain was gone as well. It was miraculous. When my husband got home he said that a word of knowledge that “God was healing a collapsed lung” was called out at church basically at the same time that I was being “put into a deep sleep.” Then, yesterday (just to be safe), I went and had a chest X-ray that showed that my lower left lung lobes were “stuck together” like something that had been deflated and stuck together as they re-inflated. I was given medication for this. I truly believe that my lung had collapsed and I was put to sleep by angels and it was re-inflated. What was left was mere proof that something had happened. Otherwise, we would have never known except that everything turned around in that 30 minutes of sleep.

I had been sensing that we are living on the verge of miracles like we have never seen! Salvations, deliverances, healings, resurrections, conceptions, and even financial miracles. I am taking my miracle as a down payment of many miracles to come!

Begin to stir up the gift of faith in the impossible situations around you. Expect a miracle, expect the help of angels, expect to see God move in a way that no man can take credit for! Let’s begin to expect and even command miracles to come forth.

Let us even believe for miracles in cities and nations— may Cuba be set free, may oppression lift off of nations that have been weighed down with control and fear. Let cities that have been violated by demonic strongholds suddenly be set free! And— may people groups that have lived in depravity and

Are we crossing the threshold of witnessing and experiencing unprecedented miracles? I think that we are! So encourage your heart and may your soul take courage in a hope that confounds the impossibles all around you!

He is the God of miracles!



This is an updated edition of a post originally published on Inscribe Ministries

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